I lived with hives from a very young age

I have been commenting about how important is food and cleaning, both heavy metals and candida excesses.
I lived with hives from a very young age . They were almost 40 years of my life living like this . from hospital to hospital . from doctor to doctor, taking all the antihistamines that existed and I was still the same . They never gave me A favorable response.
A little over 5 years ago they told me that I had an autoimmune problem, since I also have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, hashimoto thyroiditis, celiac disease, diabetes . etc.
When I learned that my problem was autoimmune, I dedicated myself to reading and researching. I stopped all the drugs that I was taking at the time, which were antihistamines, antidepressants, antiepileptics (which are given to us for fibromyalgia). In everything I investigated, I saw the relationship between hives and leaky gut, candidiasis and heavy metals, so I changed my diet .. Zero gluten, dairy, sugars and processed food .. I improved a lot but there was still something I did not understand what caused the outbreaks .. I read about histamine and DAO enzyme and the relationship with the damaged intestine . so I did a diet to eliminate foods that increase histamine.
5 years ago my hives decreased a lot, I would say 90%, but I reached 100% when I did heavy metal and candida cleaning.
Today I have a year of being clean and the good thing about everything, is that I have returned to eat what previously caused me a reaction and that according to doctors, I was allergic. I have returned to eat nuts, shrimp, strawberries, bananas, citrus, all that I could not eat before, but I continue with the gluten-free and dairy-free diet since these damage the intestinal walls.
Ti many people believe that food has nothing to do with it . I tell you that most health problems come from there.
A poor diet damages the intestine and creates inflammation, therefore the immune system is disturbed and begins to damage our own organs, and remember that the skin is also an organ.
I think that it is not very difficult for them to make these changes, if in return they will be healthy again.
*We must avoid NSAIDs as they can lead to a very strong crisis.
Hopefully take into account this recommendation and my experience, (and that of other partners who made the changes and are now out and doing their normal life.)
I have already shared photos in some comments, but I leave some here to see that I lived it and I know what you are suffering without finding answers from the doctors.

( I got 4 xolair vaccines, but the reaction was very bad . the specialist ordered 6 but I only took 4 and didn’t come back because my reaction was worse. So Xolair didn’t work for me.)


May Kay What did you do for the heavy metal detox?

Mary Lu May Kay Utilice clinoptilolita (zeolite),, carbón activado , arcilla blanca de origen alimenticio, chlorella y pesto de cilantro que comia todos los dias.

Mary Lu May Kay Please use your translator. I wanted to translate this but I see words that do not match. I’m sorry

Amy Glassow May Kay I would like to know as well. I actually think mine are related to mercury. I’m excreting pretty large amounts of mercury on a hair test. do search Advance TRS. I use it for my girl and me. Only 1 week so far.

Mary Lu Amy Glassow
Si tu problema es muy fuerte, Puedes investigar tambien
EDTA terapia de quelación..

Amy Glassow Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I’ve actually learned a lot about safe mercury removal from the Andy Cutler Protocol. That ones hard though because you must remove every last bit of silver filling from your mouth before doing it.
Most of what you used are big no’s in the ACC method, because those foods can move mercury around but not always move it out of the body. I suspect it depends on how well your body can detox though. So it’s nice to know your example of success. 
How did you know mercury was a problem for you… did you take a test for it?

Amy Glassow Anmaria Djong Thanks, keep us posted on how it goes. I belong to a TRS group as well as an Andy Cutler group just to get a sense of how they both work. I haven’t tried TRS yet.

May Kay Amy Glassow wow! I’ve not had a hair test, but MRT food sensitivities testing. I’ve been reading about metal detoxing this morning.

Terri Shepherd Thank you so much for sharing. I too feel it’s autoimmune. I have diabetes, hypothyroidism and borderline high for lupus.. I will learn about your experience. Thank you.

Mary Lu Terri Shepherd
Los problemas autoinmunes mejoran quitando el motivo del ataque… Hay que sanar intestino permeable, limpiar exceso de candida y metales pesados…y lo más importante, hacer dieta anti inflamatoria

Sarah Lepsy Yes! I have experienced a huge difference in my symptoms with dietary changes and removing toxic chemicals from my home. My immunologist also told me it’s usually autoimmune and to never take NSAIDs.

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