hi I look forward to doing some research here!

I look forward to doing some research here!

I started flaring up with hives 3 years ago before I got pregnant with my daughter and the hives have gotten worse and more intense. I have no allergies but they seem to come on during exercise, being outdoors when it’s windy or at the mall and in big box stores (dust mites I think).


LYNN LUCAS GOULD Sorry you are dealing with this, but you will find a lot of helpful information in this group. Go back and read deep into the threads. All the best to you.

NICOLE SOFIA So mine are pretty much the same as yours

LYNSEY GILMORE They’re the same as my cold urticaria, could be air conditioning in the mall? Mine are on the way down at the min and was only a really mild reaction but this is because I nipped out of the house to the car about 3 metres away for maybe a minute, I’m in the UK so it’s cold outside but not even close to freezing.

MAGDALENA ROBINS Hmm. It’s cold here now (Canada) so not air conditioning 🤔 they do look similar. Glad you got away in time!

LYNSEY GILMORE Thank you, am permanently covered in one type or another, my son thinks it’s hilarious to play guess the spot 😂😂 hope you find your trigger!! Don’t forget to look for things with delayed onset, so my pressure urticaria takes about an hour to appear, cold wind starts it immediately but reflex cold reaction from moving from the cold only starts a reaction when I warm up! It’s a fun guessing game.

CHRISTINE R. EVANS Mine are just like yours. I found out I have Hashimoto and just started a low dose hormone this week. I haven’t seen much difference yet.



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