I looked up natural remedies for hives and came across a study saying that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause hives.

I realize that hives can be caused by literally anything

This is my first post but I wanted to share what has been helping me:
I was desperate to try and find a solution that worked to relieve my hives. I have had issues since late June. I have tried every antihistamine and immunotherapy to no avail. I looked up natural remedies for hives and came across a study saying that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause hives. The recommended dose was 4,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily. I thought, “what the heck?” And I tried it.
I have been (mostly) hive free for about two weeks now. Yes, I realize that hives can be caused by literally anything and that this might be something that hasn’t helped everyone. But it has helped me and I want to share it. If it helps anyone I’ll be happy. Anything is worth a shot when you’re battling this demon.
I also take 1 Allegra and 1 Zyrtec daily and nightly. I take my vitamin in the morning. I’ll put a picture of which one I used. $8 at Walmart I think.
Hope this helps someone out there


Diana Hunter
That and turmeric cucumin has really helped me.

Susan Bromen
Hate to burst your bubble. Ive taken 5000 IUs of D3 for the past 10 years. It’s had no effect on my pruritus. It may have affected the amount of calcium in my blood — not a good thing. So, be sure to see if you are calcium deficient before you engage in this. Too much can be harmful to other organs.

Kayleigh Johns
Extremely dangerous self diagnosing and medicating vitamin D. You have no ides if youre deficient or not and could be severely damaging kidneys. I suggest coming off them and waiting week and get a blood test

Carol Mast-briggs
My allergists just recommend I try this.. I will put on my shopping list

Kelley Heath
I have been on xolair for almost a year. I was still getting hives, just not so bad. I use to be covered in them daily and once I started Xolair I get them still on me feet?!? My Dr. Recommeneded taking Vitamin D3. I have been taking regularly for a month now and it is helping. I get one or two hives every other day now.

Susan Bromen

Katie May
I’m happy your feeling better. Please take D3/K2 with K as MK-7 & magnesium. D3 & the K work synergistically & the Magnesium helps too. You may find you can reduce it stop your other meds! 😊

Katie May
There is a Facebook group called Vitamin D Wellness that has a great protocol.

Sue Boland
May Kay was just about to post the same thing.

Jon Johnson
How long did you take it before you noticed a lessening of your hives?

Bethany Duke
Jon Johnson I started taking it about 3 weeks ago. I would say I’ve been noticing them getting better for about a week now. The study I read said patients noticed a 70% reduction in their hives at the 1 month mark

Beverly Adams Henry
I had a huge flare up last week‼️ I still haven’t identified toe cause, but I did realize I hadn’t been taking my vitamins on a regular basis. I cut out all high histamine foods and started regularly taking my vitamins and it went away for now.
I’m still trying to pinpoint the cause. I really think this last bout was either medicine induced or food. As my lips and eyes were the main thing that swelled, burned, itched, and peeled in the aftermath like crazy.

Samantha Christine
Me too!!!! Been supplementing with 4000 IUs after finding out my vitamin d status was low since October 27th and my hives have been pretty much gone since. Feeling like it’s too soon to tell if my flare is under control yet but I’m hopeful. Happy to hear you’re doing better too!

Brittanie Msbbtoyou Coleman
I take this daily because l was deficient per some blood test. Had no idea it helps w this. Good to know…thanks for sharing!

Lana Kains Salomonson
Thx for this. My doc told me I was extremely deficient In Vitamin d and honestly I haven’t taken it cu I didn’t think it was a big deal and don’t want to add bother pill to my refining if I don’t have to. I now will get some today. Can’t hurt.

Nicole Stromath
You should have your D levels rested BEFORE supplementing. Too much is bad for kidneys.

Soren J Ateri
I was low in vit d but taking supplements and getting my levels normal didn’t do anything.
Xolair did tho

Gina Mastrotucci-Norman

Bethany Duke that’s amazing that you found something natural to make you feel better! Are you taking anything else in addition to the D supplements?

Jamie Tran
This is interesting! I’ve had hives for 6 years now but just found out I have a Vit D deficiency. I’ve been taking this same dose for over a month and not a single hive. I get allergy shots and xolair but would still manage to break out every so often. I never even thought of Vitamin D. I’ll def keep taking to see if it stays this way!

Lana Kains Salomonson
Jamie Lyn Tran I just posted but wanted to make sure u saw this too. I have had a vitamin d deficiency but dint want to take bother pill with the 12 I take each morning. Ewing these posts I’m gonna start it todY. Thx for sharing

Karey Vaughan Thesing
I had the blood test done and low in vitaminD and several others naturopathic doctor put me on 2000 mg D3, omega 3, magnesium & C

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