I miss going to the gym, hiking, running, and dancing.


Suffering from this condition for over a year.

My hives are subtle but their effects sure aren’t. I miss going to the gym, hiking, running, and dancing. I’m positive I’ll get to do again in the future.


TAMMY PARRISH I hope you can get Xolair injections soon. They have been a total life saver for me! Feel free to ask any questions, good luck!

GIO GONZALEZ I’m working on getting it with my allergist. Thank you for the kind words!

GIO GONZALEZ Xolair to my limited knowledge is essentially regarded as one of the most effective medications in managing people’s symptoms.
It’s incredibly expensive,but can be affordable with some programs from the manufacturer.

TAMMY PARRISH Yes! I was just Approved last week for free shots for a year. Just go online to get documents.

CHRIS PRICE 9 mos on xolair, only small help,,,, patch testing this week…

ELLEN CONNICK So sorry we are all going through this struggle together. Best of health to you.

NICOLE SOFIA Does Xolair help with heat induced hives?


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