I need some help I suffer from advanced Urticeria .

i need some help I suffer from advanced Urticeria and i am on medication for it, it is under control at the moment but every now and then it pops its nasty head up. I in the past few days have had something new show up and don’t know what it is was wondering if anyone can help me and tell me if it is also urticaria please. i have added pictures.


Rael Briscoe has it been tingling and sensitive before rash ? could be shingles.

Sharon Taylor-Holland Yes very

Emily Wilkinson totally looks like shingles..100%

Tracy Louise Downer Is it in diff places? Or one area. Shingles would be one area.
My urticaria turned into a strange rash. I use this stuff. No hives ye

I need some help I suffer from advanced Urticeria4

Koren Wylie Easterday Agree…first pic looks 100% like shingles to me. The other spots could be something different, but please get checked for shingles as soon as you can.

Dani Marie Niemi First picture looks like clorine rash

Kristen Hudson Looks like shingles quicker you see the doctor the better. They will give you antiviral meds.

Sharon Taylor-Holland Been to the doctor today definitely shingles thank you all so much for your help and support great group 👍

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