I notice a big improvement in health and energy and my hives are less doing this .

Part of what I do every day to help my autoimmune hives ,Hashimotos thyroid disease and Adrenal/hormonal imbalance.

32 ounces a day of fresh vegetable juice through my juicer (cucumber, celery, carrot, cabbage, romaine ,kale and swiss chard and cilantro).
1 tsp Tumeric,
1 tsp pink Himalayan sea salt,
2 tbs Braggs Apple cider vinegar
2 or 3 cloves of garlic split up throughout the day (I chop it up and swallow it down with water)

It’s a regimen I do to fight off bacteria, viruses, Candida, balance my PH (I run acidic) fight inflammation and help with my malnutrition due to leaky gut. I notice a big improvement in health and energy and my hives are less doing this.


Stephanie Michelle Hegg Are you doing bone broth as well?

Fátima Lorvão Figueiredo Thank You do much:). With heat weather I can control hives

Mariel Walters Thanks for sharing this, Katrina

Jessica Layman Go you! That’s something that’s tough to do each day, so bravo!

Katrina Li Charriere I can’t stand the taste of most of it (well the juice is good) but I just choke it down

Heather Yoney Colley I’m not criticizing, but what are the benefits of juicing vs. eating fruits and vegetables, to get the fiber?

Katrina Li Charriere Heather Yoney Colley, Juicing gives me a massive amount of nutrition in liquid form (I have very poor digestion and don’t break down my foods well) It gives me the nutrition concentrated. I could never eat the amount of vegetables I juice:) I do continue to eat vegetables as well though.

Terry Quinn I used to do this before my hives came on. Now I am concerned about the vinegar as it is high is histamine. But I am most certain that my hives came from a couple rounds of antibiotics for an infected tooth. I am about to start up again.

Katrina Li Charriere Terry Quinn I think the raw unfiltered ACV with the mother is supposed to actually lower histamine right? At least that’s what I’ve read

John Thurston Do you rub it in to just the hives or all over your skin?

Katrina Li Charriere John Thurston, I take the ACV internally. I mix it with water and drink it down. You can use it on your skin too though. It’s supposed to help the itch. I can’t stand the smell though.

Terry Quinn Rena Mosesyan how much do you take per day to keep hives away? I am ready. I have used it for years. I was off it when I got the hives, but I just took a tlb this morning.

Katrina Li Charriere I just take 2tbs a day with water in the a.m. Sometimes I 2tbs 2x a day (4tbs in all) Any more makes my stomach hurt.

Terry Quinn I have taken it for years but for general health and I mixed my iodine in it. Not as much as you. Only like less then a tlb a day. When I got hives, it didn’t help and I quit because I thought it was high histimine but I am going back on it big time now to give it a try like you are. Two tlb twice a day. I am on Doxepin and approved for Xolair but don’t want to end up on it.

Katrina Li Charriere WOW, IT’S HELPING! So I’ve been faithfully doing the above listed regimen for 2 weeks straight now. (I’m usually horribly inconsistent) but now that I’ve been consistent….WOW NO HIVES! Well I’ve had just a couple little episodes of them beginning on my tops of feet but I just took another 2 tbs of the Braggs Unfiltered unprocessed ACV and within an hour, the hives disappeared! Also I’m strict gluten free. Gluten brings on my hives bad. Updating my above post now..

Terry Quinn I have been sugar free 35 years. Gluten free two years. Still use some dairy so I am trying to give it up. I don’t eat processed foods and I buy farm eggs. I have a great diet for the most part but i got hives AFTER antibiotics, two rounds of them. I think it is candida from that and killing my good bacteria. They have been here four months now. I had quit my vinegar that I took daily due to thinking it caused histamine as I went on a low histamine regimen too.
So I started the ACV a few days ago and my hives got worse at first. I think that was die off related to the candida. I hope this works as I am scheduled for xolair in a week and I don’t want to get on it.

Katrina Li Charriere Terry, wow you’re eating very healthy! I think Candida and gut bacteria have a lot to do with my hives as well. I sure hope the ACV start helping you! Big hugs!

Terry Quinn Yes and I was juicing before too and gave that up. But I am on a steroid for adrenal insufficiency and I was on an oral one. I got my knee replaced and had to go up a bit on it. Steroids can also cause candida. I think that is why some get it worse when they get off steroids. So I am working on my gut now.

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