I now only have a handful of hives on my leg

Left pic is me on the way to vacation with hives covering my face. Right pic is after several days of being in the sun. I now only have a handful of hives on my leg and that’s IT. My family is shocked to watch my hives disappear the more sun I’ve gotten. Crazy.
DX: Autoimmune Urticaria, Urticaria Vasculitis, Angieodema


Kriste Colon Need some serious vitamin D3 supplements. They help my daughter too

Kristen Soderberg I keep getting my vitamin D tested and it keeps coming back fine plus I take 4,000iui and it wasn’t helping the hives. How much does your daughter take?

Kriste Colon She is 2 and half and takes 2000iu a day. Test should come back with your number between 50-70 is ideal actually. This is what her integrative medicine doctor has said and she is only 30. Take 50,000 you of vitamin d3 a week and see. Not pharmaceutical d2

Kriste Colon Also get the liquid version, avoid the softgels or tablets. It’s absorbed better.

Kristen Soderberg So Kriste. I still have hives where there’s no sun exposure. So if it was the vitamin D from the sun that was helping me Wouldn’t the hives go away completely even where there’s no sun exposure?

Kriste Colon Interesting you say the areas without sun exposure are still hives. When my daughter gets x-rays hives disappear, I was told it was radiation like Uva and uvb rays

Karen Burns That happens to me too and my vitamin d is fine. Sometimes my skin will raise up as a huge hive at night after being in the sun, esp on my chest. Then it will go away in the am and I’ll have fewer hives in general for a day or two. Sometimes exercise or a hot shower does the same thing. I so wish some Doctor somewhere would pay attention to all these symptoms an at least try to piece this weird condition together!! All the want to do is medicate it away. I keep trying to find what the underlying cause is to no avail!

Sue Elshire Hargrave I’m so happy that works for you! I get cholinergic hives from doing that. This is such a strange disease!!!

Kristen Soderberg So weird! Even my dermatologist said “wow, you have no hives where you have sun exposure!”

Lisa Eagles Sue I get the cholinergic hives from sun to within 2 sec’s of exposure. Had to cancel our hol abroad this year because of it

Michele Bledsoe Crowe I did the same thing!!! I’ve decided to move to the beach!!!!!

Erin Lee Byerly maybe try uv hardening with a dermatologist?

Jennifer Glover Hi Lucy when is the best time to take pro biotics? Before eating or during? What dose and what type do you take. Thank you x

Erin Lee Byerly I had a naturopath do a GI map gut test to determine which probiotics and prebiotics were needed. I was taking the wring ones!

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