I pray that everyone finds a solution.

First morning in 7 months to wake up with no hives and no antihistimes. 🙏 I was not one to stick with vegan or gluten free etc but about a month ago I started having a Garden of Life shake every morning. This is a regular health store brand but with a great nutrition profile plus it has probiotics. I also started taking quercetin once per day. I had been taking 4 allegra and 2 xyzal daily, and grateful for the relief they provided as well. I pray that everyone finds a solution.


VIVIENNE SEYMOUR Like you I have been taking one Quercetin per day for a few days plus making a protein and fruit smoothie each day. I went ‘cold turkey’ three days ago. No itching, no hives, hope it continues!

LINDY HOLLOMAN KIGER Tell me more about Quercetin please. I have never heard of it. I have leaky gut, so hives and yeast. I know most of my triggers but as you know, that can change daily. TIA

VIVIENNE SEYMOUR Quercetin tablets available from Holland and Barrett in the UK for immune system support. Google for full details. Interestingly I have just been diagnosed with a fungal foot infection and my dermatologist tells me that a fungal infection can antagonise the hives. Taking one tablet a day for 4 weeks and using antifungal cream on feet twice a day. My latest best friend is Dermacool cream as I get the odd very intense pimple since my hives went. It is 1%menthol and aqueous cream. So cooling! Also good for sunburn I guess.

JOAN H. MORRIS That product has been recalled in the States I think.
Cancel that comment. It has not been recalled.

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