I should do xolair every two weeks ?

Feeling so frustrated. A week after xolair, still on my regimen of Zyrtec twice a day, Zantac twice a day, allegra at lunchtime, and I still Look like this. Not sure what else to try at this point ☹️ there is a huge heat wave and I am hoping they get better. Think I should do xolair every two weeks? I had relief the first two days after.


LAURA RECTENWALD Oh my goodness, that is tough. Hope you find some relief

LAURA RECTENWALD Lilly, assuming you have made diet and nutrition mods? I’ve had to give up hot baths and red wine, my two favorite things.

TRACEY HAWKER It took 6 months for xolair to work on me.

KRISTA MORGAN Did you have bad outbreaks throughout the six months?

ELLEN CONNICK Hope you find some relief soon! Cotton/ polyester sheets that are stiff will give you some temporary relief if you put them in the refrigerator or freezer in plastic bag. I sleep with them as blankets, put them on my chairs where l sit. Get rid of latex on underwear. Pressure on skin makes me break out terribly! Suppost to order bamboo fabric underwear. Was checked for latex allergy. Not allergic…

TEA ANGIER Every 2 weeks xolair for me and xolair took 4 times before it worked.
They aren’t gone completely and I still have to take fexofedine and montelukast daily to keep hives at bay. But I don’t get andiogenia like I use to and not near the severity of hives!

RAIN PHOENIX RAE Besides all of the good suggestions above, here are some you might want to try too.
1.Detox your body. you have to find what works for your body to detox. Mine is usually just eating milk n healthy cereal and apple. I avoid any kind of meat or seafd(bummer…ikr)
2. I drink live probiotic drinks once a day.
3.I still add Zyrtec to my daily diet to ease me from the pain and itch.
5.Balanced movement. As in move a lot too but not to the extend of exhaustion and sweaty. I do light chores in well ventilated area after every good sleep.
6.Comfortable clothings, clean area.
After couple of days what i had that look similar to yours disappeared and i get to wear whatever i want to to go out. Until i forgot what i went through and then i ate all the No No Food and sit anywhere and then i have to repeat step 1 to 6…

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