I sleep with shorts on the blanket gives me hives.

So, one of my triggers is things brushing against my skin if my hair is long and touches my face i have hives, if my pants are loose at all and flowy around my ankles i get hives, if i sleep with shorts on the blanket gives me hives. I sleep in leggings now and that helps my legs but my ankles always get hives. I cant sleep if i have socks on, so this was my solution. Lol. I woke up hive free though!!


Shannon Moya Jesus!! This weird ass shit we come up with for relief! Collectively we could write a book

Sarah N Fisher Maybe we should write a book! Lol

Shannon Moya Chronicles of chronic urticaria and how we survived

Sarah N Fisher It might be helpful for the newly diagnosed. Heck, even those who’ve had it a long time could get new tips!

Shannon Moya We could each do a chapter. It will be thousands of pages

Elizabeth Drake Vittatoe A list of tips in one post without the extra discussion would be amazing. We’re new to this. My 17 year old son was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and we’ve already started xolair on top of the 4 zyrtec per day, singular, and prednisone bursts. Other tips would definitely be helpful.

Cochinillo Dulce Story of my life. Add to that when hives are full-blown, meaning my body covered all over with them, my skin from head to toe ripples. That feeling is so freakishly strange.

Roxanne Bee I am the same with things brushing Me. But if I wear leggings to bed rls kicks in sooner.

Shannon Moya So what do you wear.. bubblewrap and tied your self down???? I can’t wear anything to bed or hives will be where things are tighter like elastic waist bands. Or a night gown wrapped around my neck from tossing and turning

Roxanne Bee Just undies or nothing. I like LuLaRoe leggings cause they don’t have an elastic band. I usually wear a tank top too.

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