I started 60 day juice challenge now have only a few hives

I started the joe cross 60 day juice challenge on July 18th. I am fasting on water and fruit/veggie juice everyday day. AND it is WORKING!!!!

I used to take 6-10 xyzal and 1-5 doxepin daily and was still covered head to toe in hives and spontaneous angioedema!!!

And now I am down to 1 xyzal a day!!! With so much energy and no swelling in the last 2 weeks and only a few hives here and there!!!

I wanted to take control and Mother Nature is healing me


Nosipho Makhathula Sipungela Nice Try to take some pribiotic and heal the gut. Do you mind to share recipe for your juice? Wanna try as I am struggling to loose weight.

Glenn Stewart Do you take your probiotics in the evening or morning?

Sheena Cannon Pinterest is the best at finding juice recipes. I like the mean green and carrots juice.

Tess Adams Glenn Stewart probiotics always at night

Glenn Stewart Tess Adams thanks

Anjanette Descant Barrett Their are probotics for night and day. I take mine in the morning. 3 weeks later my hives almost gone.

Prateeksha Singh so good to know that you are recovering. Very happy for you. hope the same for all of us

Glenn Stewart For me, when I cut out the bread and sugar and stay away from high histamine foods I do much better. Down to 1/2 Allegra a day at night.

Nosipho Makhathula Sipungela I too cut out bread and sugar and response is positive . I don’t use refined sugar in my tea, I eat fruits . I eat any food close to its original form. I avoid processed foods full of preservatives. Take probiotics to heal and gut

Faith Kee Can you please share the juice recipe and how much a day?

Sheena Cannon I get all different recipes from Pinterest. You can search mean green juice and carrot juice is my favorite. You can drink up to 5 16oz of juice a day. I am normally okay with 3-4 a day and water or coconut water.

Tess Adams I promise myself no more Prednisone. I did green juicing my second year of full blown fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue five years ago and stopped all pain meds three years ago👏. No more Ambien for insomnia either when I switched to CBD oil👏. Now I’m back to green juicing to manage the hives. Folks it really works! There is no harm in trying it. All it takes is your determination to fight back. You owe it to yourself to get your health back on track. You can do it👍

Glenn Stewart ABSOLUTELY!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Nosipho Makhathula Sipungela Prednisone is devil, side effects are more harmful than having hives. I am recovering from horrible side effects

Paula Rigley My mum has been doing the celery juice. It has amazing results. It cleanses the liver where a lot of illnesses start from but not many know.


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