I started experiencing urticaria about 2 Years ago now and it is the worst pain and itching

Hello everyone… I am new to the group and so glad I have found a group that I can speak to that’s gonna understand how I am feeling.. no one I know have experienced Urticaria.

Little about me.. am 29 with 3 young children I live with my partner children and 2 cats in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I started experiencing urticaria about 2 Year’s ago now and it is the worst pain and itch I have ever experienced… I am under the care of a dermatologist for about 6 months now I am on a cocktail of medication…
I have
-fexofenadine 180mg 4 times a day
-ranitidine 150mg 2 times a day
-montelukast 10mg once a day
– piriton 10mg 4 times a day
I am also waiting on a prescription of a nighttime sedative unsure of the name it… this seems to be only the mixture of tablets that seem to help me but I still suffer from breakouts

Will be great to get to know you all


KATY NOTLEY Hi Claire , I’m in the U.K. I’ve had urticaria for around 8 years . At the moment it’s gone away but I know it’s going to come back at some point . I don’t know what’s causing it but doctors think it’s caused by stress but I know it’s not . I also get angiodema too . It’s awful isn’t it . Your feet look so painful .

CLAIRE MCARTHUR Oh god 8 Years thats mad, yeah we are the same we dont know whats causing it either… yeah when they are on the soles of your feet and you cant walk its absolutely agony and not the best when you have to run after 3 kids when my partner is at work.. he tried to help me as much as he can but sometimes the medication doesnt even help hard to manage day life

KATY NOTLEY I soak my feet and hands in cold water or use ice packs it works for a while

CLAIRE MCARTHUR Yeah I was in so much pain I got my partner to cover me head to toe in deep freeze

NIC BOUCHARD Hi ladies, sorry to jump on your thread! I have an 8 month old and started this flare up when he was three months. Been suffering on and off since 2003. Recent GP visit just repeated my meds from my last flare up when I had investigations at Barts in London. Had all the tests under the sun and nothing showed up so CIU diagnosis. Am waiting to see if this course of meds helps and if not going to go back to ask to be referred to dermatology to discuss different drugs. Ive found relief for the itch on 2% menthol in aqueous cream. I find I need to shower it off after a few hours and the warm water gives me relief and then three menthol makes me cold, but it does offer respite. Am on 2 x 180 fexofenadine, 1 x loratadine, 2 x ranitidine. Don’t want the drowsy antihistamine as I need to be awake for my little boy. The only thing that has ever stopped it in its tracks was pregnancy. I really feel for you, your hives look painful, itchy and hot. I get hive chills too, makes me feel weird all over and also Angiodema – although not as bad this time. I have an epi pen just in case. Also re stress, everyone, not just Doctors say that and it really p***es me off! At the most stressful times on my life I’ve not had any breakouts, it’s not a cause, but the very fact that I have CIU is stressful and so it does not help it. Bored of people telling me to relax and that it has to be he cause when I know it’s not. It’s so helpful to have his group and read other peoples stories. Makes me feel less alone as no one I know has this. Good luck to you both and may you have an itch free Christmas 

CLAIRE MCARTHUR Aww hun feel for you totally get what you mean about the stress I have breakouts when am so relaxed and then I get agitated coz it’s starting again… I have had steroid cream and this did nothing but make me feel more itchy… before I went to see my dermatologist again I had up my take of medication cos this is what I found that works for me on a day to day basis but as a said I can have a random breakout but when I spoke to dermatologist she said it was fine that I increased to find a balance that works for me… she did say next step would be the injections for myself. All the pills I take don’t make me drowsy but I am bigger weight wise so it wouldn’t have such an effect on me… I really hope you find something that helps you too hun

MEGAN JORGENSEN Another group that might interest you is leaky gut syndrome/candida. I started my son on megasporbiotic and it has seemed to really improve his hives. If your looking for a cure instead of a bandaid maybe try a naturopath or functional doctor. Just suggestions. Good luck!

ROSE HECK BEISSEL Maybe the night time sedative your Dr mentioned is doxipen. It’s actually an antidepressant that I’ve recently received because I was complaining about not being able to sleep 

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