I started having hives 2 years ago

I started having hives 2 years ago. At first they thought I was allergic to gluten. Tested me and I was not. Then last winter I got the hives after our first below zero day. Which that was in November. My hives were nonstop from then until the end of March. April-October hive free. Once we had our cold day full blown hives again 🤦🏼‍♀️. Christmas Day and even the 3 days before we were 50 degrees. They decided in March I have cold and pressure urticaria. Usually once they put me on a steroid the hives are gone until I finish the steroids. This time is much different. I’ve been on prednisone for almost 2 weeks. I had a steroid shot in the office on Friday and I’m still breaking out. Friday night I got a fever and woke up sweating once it broke. Once it broke the hives went away for a short time. However I’ve been running a fever since Saturday night nonstop and my hives are not going away. Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? Pretty sure I have sinus infection now and that’s not helping. Do you feel like the antihistamines plug you up more?


Christine Colardo Go see a functional doctor and have thorough bloodwork of your thyroid – cold is your trigger not cause – need a good functional doctor to go above and beyond with bloodwork

Heidi Bohl Christine Colardo I’m going to an allergist on Thursday. I don’t know why because I’ve already been seen there but that’s what my primary doctor is wanting.

Christine Colardo Heidi Bohl allergist has no clue about autoimmune – when hives last longer than 6 weeks it’s autoimmune not allergy. I had to leave my primary because he had same way of thinking, I found a great primary doctor who practices functional medicine. Also not sure your age, but peri menopause and menopause (hormone issues) are also things that contribute

Heidi Bohl Christine Colardo I’ve been in menopause for the past 7 years due to hysterectomy. I’m terrible at remembering to wear my hormone replacement patch. Could this have anything to do with it?

Christine Colardo Heidi Bohl definitely could. My issues all started when peri menopause started.

Silvia Vargas Heidi!!!! I have the same story as you!!!! I can’t believe it. My hives started exactly at the same time and lasted exactly the same. Mi l’as breakout started at the same time as a big throat infection. He fever makes the hives even worse! Please hang in there and don’t lose hope. Prednisone is just a brief relief and hives come back with fury even if you taper.
Have you tried some Benadryl or reactine to help with the itching???

Heidi Bohl Silvia Vargas yes have tried everything 😭 I believe the antihistamines and Benadryl are making me worse

Silvia Vargas Ok then follow your instinct ! Antihistamines make it worse for me too so I stopped them.

Silvia Vargas Hives like yours look like the auto-immune kind a lot of us get. I hope you feel better soon.

Ellen Sternberg I have cold and pressure urticaria. RA and neuropathy in my feet and hands. I am down to one antihistamine a day. I follow low histamine and mostly gluten free diet. Just saying.

Kari Wais Jones So feeling for you. I get pressure ones but these look more like the ones from auto immune disorder. Mine welt up and then bruise too. The ones on my feet can sometimes make it impossible to walk. Wishing you find an answer. I did find that 2 xyzal and 1-200 mg cimetidine (Tagamet) work well together. apart they don’t do too much for me but the combination is super helpful. Good luck

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