I still have the hives with horrible itch on my hands.

Well feeling discouraged..1st shot of xolair had zero flares for the month. 2nd shot also zero flares for the first 3 weeks then this flare on my hands so then on Thursday went for my third xolair shot and today (Saturday I still have the hives with horrible itch but so far just on my hands. I feel that the xolair is trying to work otherwise it would be all over my body but I thought this xolair was going to be the miracle I was looking for so I’m really disappointed.. Has anyone else experienced this ? Ugh


Nancy Sherman- Ciano I have had the same hand for the last 3 days. Itched and hurts

Elena Caudle Hutchison If you had a month with zero flares and now just one hive on your hand, it sounds like it is working!
Very common for it to take a few rounds to start working or to taper off at the beginning and end of a cycle. Or even to have a few breakthrough hives.

Charley Charvat My doctor made it very clear to me that it’ll take more than, at the least, 2 injections for Xolair to work.
But, by the sounds of it, and it only being on your hands, it sounds like it’s working!

Rhoda Young I didn’t feel the Xolair was wrkn until after 3rd shots. I still got few hives & itching(but not the burning) but had my 4th shots Mon past, & I’ve got loads of hives, itching, burning, lethargy & achy joints. Hoping & praying that it passes.

Christine Freeman-Roth I know how disappointing it can be when it doesn’t work exactly the way you had hoped. Hugs.

Ellen Morrow I had 0 hives my first two months on Zolair. Last three months have had daily hives .but DRASTICALLY reduced. I fear it means the medication will stop working, but they haven’t gotten worse. Hopefully you find relief. It may not be 100% relief, but almost 100% is pretty good.

Ellen Morrow Yes, 2 to 4 zyrtecs a day and another one I can’t remember right now.

Carolyn McGill Ross The Xolair gave me about 50% symptom relief. I still have hives everyday but they are manageable. I take 4 fexofinadine, 2 plaqniel, Singulair, and ranitidine daily. I have had five sets of Xolair injections. I hope you get some relief soon:)

Melissa Reel Ones on hands or feet get so swollen and hard, they itch but hurt to touch..Xolair didn’t work for me 🙁 took it for 18mo. Good luck to you

Randi Harrison I feel for you. No Xolair though. Just a bad few days.

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