I still have ugly hives. Prayers, please.

Frustrated today. I try to eliminate things that may exacerbate hives and I have new hives. I woke up feeling well, but on inspection see new, ugly hives. I hate them. I am sleeping well without eszipiclone (Lunesta) since Immunologist prescribed doexepine and see no reason to add it back in, but I still have ugly hives. Prayers, please.


RHEANE POMERLEAU I try to cut everything nothing works its like im allergic to my own skin

KAREN BAKER-FLETCHER Yes. Same here. My muscles, bones, and sinews like and want movement. My skin rebels, the mast cells underneath. Yes. It is like being at war with my skin.

RHEANE POMERLEAU And jt hurts not just itch … i read that it usually can last up to 7 years… 2 more to go 

KAREN BAKER-FLETCHER Rheane Pomerleau Oh, my. So, yes. I see. Two more years at most, less I hope. I guess I will buckle up for however long this ride is, then. I was diagnosed in late February, just figuring out how to live with CIU. I am glad you are closing in on the end of CIU.


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