I struggle because I want to know the reason for my hives, not just treat the hives with xolair.

I have been diagnosed with CIU for 4 years now. I took xolair for 2 years, and then decided to stop them after a scary mammogram. (Cancer is side effect of xolair)
Has anyone had success post xolair treatment keeping the hives away?
I’ve only had them 5 or 6 times in the last 6 months now.. but fear they will return.
I struggle because I want to know the reason for my hives, not just treat the hives with xolair.

I’ve been tested for gluten, hpilori, food elimination diet and no answers.
I’m fortunate to be in a remission of sorts, but fear the hives coming back each day!
Any guidance is welcome and appreciated
Oh, I’m 47 and in good health otherwise


Eugenia Raciov Maybe a hormone equilibrium test?

Heather McCully I’ve never heard of that! What kind of Dr does that?

Eugenia Raciov Endocrinologist

Eugenia Raciov But i think you can buy online a test and then clarify thr results with a dr

Lisa Benard Christensen My endocrinologist said hives had nothing to do with anything he could do for me :(. Didnt even check anything.
I requested a hormone check from my gp and will run it next time i flare up

Eugenia Raciov Lisa Benard ChristensenChristensen..ask another doctor. Nowadays many doctors are not ok..i hope you find a good one.and read for yourself alot about what matters to you

Tina Alves Have you read about histamines?

Heather McCully Not really. I do take a zantac and a claritin each day to block histamines

Lisa Manary My doctor recommended xolair but it’s just too expensive to even consider. I wish I had some advice. I’m struggling too. I seem to be getting better slowly with a very simple and unprocessed vegan diet (no sugar no salt and no oil). I take reactine everyday.

Heather McCully Apply for the $5 xolair copay program.

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