I suffer for urticaria everyday since september

Hi everyone. I suffer for urticaria everyday since september. I tried lots of remedies all these months (even 6 pills at day last 2 months). On friday I started with xolair.. And here you are how I look now


Daly Yam Xolair does not work right away for everyone. I’m on my 5th cycle and got a little better with each one.. still not hive free. I take 9 pills a day (including 5mg prednisone). Hope it will kick in soon for you.

Chiara Romanazzi 5th cycle and 9 pills?! omg! I hope we’ ll be both better soon. It looks like a never ending nightmare

Daly Yam Unfortunately so..

Chiara Romanazzi 😰 since how long you are suffering for it?

KelliJo Mikesell Castleberry Xolair took six months to start working for me! I don’t know what I’d do with out it now!

Chiara Romanazzi Thnx for sharing your experience! It gives me lots of hope!

Sandy Wade Hopefully it will work

Chiara Romanazzi I hope it too

Dominique Delaney I had my first shots last week and I’ve had the bad hives. Hoping it will improve

Gurvinder Madan Taking tension can worsen the hives. Just try to stay calm and accept it. And I don’t know why I also get hives on chest. Hope you get back to normal soon.

Chiara Romanazzi as regards me it s not a pshycological problem. I have an autoimmune disease

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