I suffer from angioedema below my knees daily

So.. this happened today.. I suffer from angioedema below my knees daily, but this is one of the worst in my ankles.. Diuretics don’t help.. I can’t wear any of my shoes!!! Even flip flops hurt. Advice anyone?


Robyn Starks Get in bed, elevate, compression socks, tons of water, soak in epson salts.

Daly Yam Feet are up Need to try the Epson salt soak.

Franca St. Cyr Gravel I’m with Robyn and Lisa

Brandy Rhoades If you sit at a desk all day, try to elevate your feet under your desk. Might help

Carol Taylor Murphy Elevate, wrap for compression, and ice.

Karen Burns This used to happen to me often. I gave up gluten and dairy and limit soy and it hasn’t happened since.

Michelle Shannon I found lack of dairy and soy helped me too!

Richele ‘Thorson’ Butler Removing those did not help my ankle swelling but it did help my abdomen swelling!

Christy Knotts Xolair works for my angiodema

Daly Yam Unfortunately isn’t helping me for hives or angioedema

Brigitte Metzger Harding A keto dirty helped me control my hooves and get rid of all the extra fluid my body was holding onto

Alisha Onnen-Clark I don’t know about compression i have DPU along with the angieodima so compression is a no no. When my feet swell, which is often, I just do elevation and ice 🙁 Xolair has helped with it all but it’s still present. So sorry hun!.

Daly Yam I think I am now starting to suffer from dpu as well. My pants which were a bit too tight yesterday left a horrible mark on my belly

Alisha Onnen-Clark Yep that’s how line started 🙁 and the bra ugh the bras i got one big one in my butt cheek from sitting on a hard chair during a meeting. Everything gives me pressure welts and once I was diagnosed, it all made sense, all the welts I had before and couldn’t figure out why, I could figure it out. Riding a bike? Hell no! Regular clothes? Nope again. Life has changed so much i hope yours doesn’t intensify and give you more grief!

Kathryn Shipone What is dpu?

Alisha Onnen-Clark Kathryn Shipone Delayed Pressure Urticaria any kind of pressure put on your skin leaves you with welts.

Kathryn Shipone Thank you, I have CU and I also believe I have that DPU as well. I’m on a low histamine diet which is helping

Alisha Onnen-Clark No problem i hope you don’t but it feels like you’re not going crazy if you at least know a name for it! How my specialist tested for it was to fill a bag full of something heavy,like books and then hang them from your forearm for like 20mins and see if you get a welts afterwards. My body usually gets them anywhere from 20mins up to 6 hrs.

Kathryn Shipone I’ll try that, thanks.

Allison Ward Ouch! What a shame! Hope it goes down soon

Daly Yam Me too! For the last couple of months I’ve been working part time, but today put in a full day to meet a deadline.. mistake!

Allison Ward Oh no! Stress??

Daly Yam No, not stress. I think just sitting for so many hours and running to meetings.

Allison Ward Take it easy x

Franca St. Cyr Gravel Call your doctor

Daly Yam Have an appt on the 15th, not sure if she can see me before. I left a message.

Franca St. Cyr Gravel I’m glad you did. My doctor can tell you how annoying I can be calling him to get in early. But I will tell you, that he accommodates me because he knows how severe my hives and angioedema can be.

Jennifer Link-Owens Invest in some Birkenstocks! The adjustable straps help when swelling begins.

Betty Liller So compression socks will help I’ve been thinking about getting a pair I just wonder how my hives will react

Carolyn Hassett I’ve had hives for 12 years. At first the delayed pressure ones were the worse. Tight socks, bra bands, waist line from slacks etc. My feet would swell from my shoes. When I wasn’t working ,I had to go barefoot.I would rotate foot soaks, epsonsalts and hot water , then after 10 minutes or so cold compresses to keep swelling down.

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