I take a half Zytrec at night but I still have some hive

Three weeks on the AIP (auto-immune protocol) diet. I know I’ve read in here that changing diet doesn’t always work, but it’s definitely working for me. I wanted to try the diet before trying any more serious meds. I still take a half Zytrec at night and I still have some hives, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it was. It’s not an easy diet, but the relief I’ve gotten from it has been totally worth it.


Lucinda Harris That’s fantastic hope it continues to get better for you, just shows that diet can help! what foods did you have to eliminate/cut back?

Shayna Worley Oh, just about everything… hah. It felt that way, but it wasn’t so bad. First phase of AIP cuts out all gluten, dairy, nightshades, eggs, caffeine, alcohol, nuts, legumes, grains. It’s basically the paleo diet, but with more restrictions.

Jenny Atomik Interesting! I started about a week ago on like a leaky gut diet. So far we have taken out gluten, soy, dairy, and corn. Did you have to do a few at once? Or all of them right at once? If you don’t mind me asking.

Shayna Worley I first tried going just unprocessed and took out the grains and dairy, that didn’t work, so I went full AIP. It removes all that you said, plus eggs and nightshades. It asks for 75% veggies and 25% meat, minimal fruits. That’s the first stage. If you see positive results, they have a reintroduction period for foods. I have just added eggs back in and they seem to be okay for me. I hope to reintroduce just about everything, if my body lets me.

Clare-Marie Costa I want to try this but giving up caffeine 😬 maybe when my son starts sleeping through the night

Shayna Worley I feel you. I kind of think the prolonged YEARS of not sleeping contributed to me getting hives in the first place. My youngest is now almost 3 and finally sleeps through.

Lucinda Harris Wow good on you! how long do you stay on the diet? Can u reintroduce the foods?

Shayna Worley The first phase is 21 days at least, then you slowly start reintroducing foods. There is a guideline on how to add foods back in and a recommended list of low-impact things to try first.

Sara Michelle Wellman I’m 12 days in and have seen some improvement too! Keep going you can do it

Christina Hawkins Is the the diet where you start by drinking bone broth to heal gut lining? V interesting Glad you’re seeing results!

Shayna Worley They do recommend adding bone broth, but I haven’t made any. The main focus of the diet is to eat only whole foods, 75% veggies and 25% high quality meat. Nothing processed, no additives.

Christina Hawkins I don’t think I like the idea of boiling bones for 24 hours in a small flat, ugh! You can buy it here, a bit pricey but maybe worth it:

Shayna Worley Yes, I’ve seen the pre-made kind. SO expensive. I make chicken “bone broth” from the carcass of a roasted chicken, but I probably don’t cook it long enough to be considered real bone broth.

Shayna Worley I think the women of the group will appreciate this pic. My bra is no longer a torture device.

Christina Hawkins Haha omg, the dreaded bra marks! Amazing results.

Clare-Marie Costa Seriously maybe I can live without caffeine. You look so good!

Shayna Worley Thanks! I FEEL good. It is such a relief as I am sure you all know, not to wake up dreading what I see when I pull back the blanket. I can go on hikes and my feet are almost normal when done. And I’ve been able to wear my wedding rings!!! Amazing.

Jennifer Spoor OMG, I dream of the day my skin looks like that after wearing a bra all day!

Heather Maurer Wow where can I get the info

Jennifer Spoor That;s amazing! I really want to try this but I’m totally lacking the motivation to stick to it. I need a kick in the butt.

Shayna Worley Everything you need to do it is online. A lot of people recommend buying the Paleo book by Ballantyne or The Healing Kitchen, but the basics are on her website and there are TONS of free recipes online.

Jennifer Spoor How long did it take for you to start seeing changes? I’ve done gluten free and dairy free before, I only lasted 3 weeks and hadn’t noticed a difference by then.

Shayna Worley I noticed almost right away, by the second day. It took a week before I had a “clear” day, but I could tell something was different. I didn’t have that hot feeling on my skin and the hives I did get were smaller in diameter and not so angry, if that makes sense.

Shayna Worley And honestly, I think just eliminating dairy and gluten would not have done it I think the most important part has been getting rid of all the crap in processed foods. And sulfates and dye and basically anything with added stuff.

Mario Patrick Mattei II I’m starting the Paleo Auto Immune Protocol today. I’m currently on 6 Zyrtec’s + a Pepcid every day. It’s not holding off the hives or angioedema. I just got prednisone pills but am trying not to take them. Hopefully, this approach works in time. Per my naturopathic MD, I’m also taking a colostrum spray for immune modulation, B complex (methyl guard), probiotic, & DAO-Hist which breaks down histamines in food.

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