I take these meds (zyrtec, flonase, hydroxazine, xyzal, benadryl) had zero hives.

I have had this disease on and off for 20 years. I would be good for about a year, have a flare up, get on a 17 day prednisone kick and they would be gone again. In the beginning we did elimination diets, changed all the things in the house we could. Pulled up carpet, changed laundry detergent, went to all aveeno products etc. Nothing changed it. Been through allergy testing several times, been in and out of the ER etc.
What I find interesting…..I basically ate a terrible diet my entire life, and would be fine for months to years and then bam….so why can sometimes I eat junk and be fine and sometimes I cant ?
I had surgery 2 weeks ago and right before surgery my hives were out of control. Well….after surgery I was on pain pills every 4 hours. I ran out of all my hive meds (zyrtec, flonase, hydroxazine, xyzal, benadryl), had zero hives and was eating whatever the hell I wanted. As soon as I stopped the pain pills. Bam….full blown hives and swelling lips and eyes…..is it because I was basically zoned out high not thinking that this disease just disappeared? I had zero stress for 2 weeks? I am just blown away and basically this disease makes me crazy because of all the things it makes me think about.
It cant all be related to stress and anxiety? Or can it? What do you guys think? Here I am with a swollen eye and itchy skin today just wishing I had poor pain pills to see if it all went away again….
I’ll stop rambling


Julie Alfrey I had some similar experiences & not sure of coincidence but after my gall bladder was removed I improved (that was 10 years ago) but often her itchy swollen sore eyes. I am vegetarian & cant eat much much wheat & milk but my daughter 13 has chronic urticaria (more symptoms since age 11) even though some from age 3. She improved once completely wheat free gluten free & milk free.. she is hive free since those changes but takes 2 fexofenadine daily. Epi pen not needed since May but allergy testing said no allergies but we know she is severely poorly after wheat & milk so 2 years without either now x

Jamie Leah Julie Alfrey yeah. I usually stick to a low histamine diet and it really does help a tremendous amount. But why all the other years I could eat whatever and be fine. Just interesting to me

Julie Alfrey Jamie Leah same here – I can actually eat most foods but when had white bread for example & cakes which are rare treats I change crippled in back pain & hives.

Julie Alfrey Daughter has full blown anaphylaxis at times but not since fexofenadine and diet changes. It’s bizarre isn’t it x

Joyce Magrogan Nevers My first round with hives, I went to ER with abdominal pain. Had CT scan and pain meds. Hives slowly went away and didn’t come back. Free for 9 years. 5 years ago had a dental deep cleaning-they came back and are still here.

Jamie Leah Joyce Magrogan Nevers so interesting…..what do you think it is?

Denise Foster I’ve had the opposite experience. Whenever I’ve had surgery, my immune system goes into overdrive and my hives come out with a vengeance. The same happens with an infection or a virus. This condition is perplexing for sure.

Petrie Gillian I was totally stressed when I was pregnant as the baby was ill. But I didn’t have much urticaria plus was eating all the saliscylates as didn’t know about them yet. Other times it does seem to flare up when I’m stressed.

Petrie Gillian I take painkillers every day but still get urticaria daily. It gets worse if I eat too many saliscylates but never goes away. When I was pregnant it got better. It’s so random

Liz King I use valium when everything else won’t work, but I use sparingly because it’s highly addictive and U don’t need another problem

Cassandra Pandolfi Did they give you antibiotics when you had your surgery hun?

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