I tried everything to stop the hives

This photo is what every day was like for over a year. I tried EVERYTHING to stop the hives. Since I took my IUD out, my hives are virtually gone. I had done internet research about it, and asked my OBGYN if it was a possibility and she said ‘absolutely not’. Yet I removed it and 2 months later, I’m about 99% better. Random hives every couple weeks but 1 zyrtec takes care of it. LADIES: if you have tried EVERYTHING and still are suffering, try to get your IUD removed. I can’t say for certain it was that, but I felt like I should share this for those of you who feel the way I felt when I took this picture. I was on prednisone/zyrtec/allegra/pepcid/montelukast/hydroxyzine and nothing touched my hives. Now that the IUD is gone, it only takes 1 zyrtec to completely clear the hives. Life is good again.


Alisha Onnen-Clark I went on the pill, by day 4 it was intolerable my specialist said in no way shape or form am I to take anything that puts that hormone back in me it definitely effects us! Glad you got it figured out!

Donna M. Eichles Anyone with hair color experiences??

Jade Field Ive suffered from chronic urticaria since i dyed my hair in march

Donna M. Eichles Have you stopped the dye process ?

Jade Field Ive tried everything dye is out of my hair long ago but in process ive gotten few autoimmune diseases now to deal with i still cant use shampoo else im covered in hives i use coal tar

Ana Garcia I am more and more convinced that western medicine has a long way to go. And as long as there are so many narrow minded doctors things won’t change

Lesley Steele i agree! i got told numerous times nothing was wrong with me, i had shingles. his partner in the practice told me i had bug bites

Shannon Pendlebury It’s actually scary what we have been told in regards to our hives. It’s so disregarded. I guess because Drs feel defeated that they can’t find an answer most of the time. But there IS an answer. Someone just has to be willing to think we’re worth their time and effort to find one. I refuse to take the word “idiopathic” for an answer. We still suffer, even if they don’t care to find out why.

Holly Tunning Canfield Donna – you can develop the allergy all of a sudden, and I know that I reacted to dye once before getting this flare, and dyed with chemical dye once since this flare and really reacted. I can’t use chemical dye anymore, especially with PPD. Once you react, each reaction can be worse than the next.

Christina Battle I’m glad you figured it out. It’s become very apparent to me that our hives, while all over something different, it’s our body rejecting something. For some people it’s been food so diet changes have eliminated hives while other who try see little or changes. We all know all our tests (or most of us) are going to come back negative for allergies and other things. So while it is not an “allergic reaction” it is a rejection. Stress, diet, birth control, hot, cold, pressure. . . . the list goes on. Finding what your body is pissed off about is the hardest thing and I congratulate anyone who finds anything to reduce their hives

Edna E Buchan True that! Words from a lady that has lived the CIU life

Sonja Edwards-Slaughter Hi Emily Brown, so pleased you appear to have sorted it out. Your post really intrigued me as I have the Mirena and it expires Feb next year. Just recently I’ve had some erratic periods and I did initially think that the IUD could be the cause of my problems so I have asked four doctors if it is and they have all advised it is highly unlikely to be the coil causing my symptoms!! I have actually arranged for it to be removed on 3 December regardless of their advise as I’m sure it’s the IUD causing my problems and even more so after reading your post!I have been suffering from Urticaria for just over four weeks and am constantly going to the hospital as swelling of face and hives are just so bad and look just like your picture. Currently on Steroids and cutting out any foods that could be producing more histamine in my body but am now really hopeful that removal of the Mirena may help me I’ve not had this nearly as long as some people in the group but it’s already turning my life upside down so I’m hanging on to any glimmer of hope!!

Sara Sherrill Copeland Any updates ladies? I think my IUD is the culprit too. My husband had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago and I have mine scheduled to be removed in 2 more weeks. I want it out now. Life has been a living hell for the past 5 months.

Irene Vdb I’m much more stable after getting my ovaries removed and not doing hormone replacement.

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