I use it I may change things on the next one

I don’t know if anyone bullet journals but I’m starting one.
Added a chart to hopefully help me track factors better.
We’ll see. As I use it I may change things on the next one.


Devon O Smart, I have something similar on my phone I keep track of them in my calendar, I wish there was a clear day. Today is a bad day for me, must be close to my period I am sure.

Jeff Berman This looks like something you could sell on Pintrest

Rael Briscoe Good idea although I just take pics and make notes in my calendar on phone

Jillyn Allred Rael Briscoe I used to. But I get bad at remembering to write notes.
Hoping this will be easier for me to just fill in a box and not write.

Roshan Mahmood Great way to track and observe patterns. Would be nice if could also log foods, drinks, environment, time etc. I have issues sometimes im at work and hive free soon as i step out boom here a breakout and vice versa. Even weather affects me i havent been able to really pinpoint food reactions. This is a wonderful idea

Jillyn Allred Roshan Mahmood I’m excited to see overall trends in one big graph

Krista McCarthy Oh honey, I feel your type A ness. We are simpatico.


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