I waited for the itching to start tonight applied the cream & instantly stopped itching.

Been suffering with hives for a year now every night I suffer & don’t get much sleep at night. I’ve tried all antihistamines with no joy & I’m still waiting for my dermatology appointment.
I came across this cream in Tesco today I waited for the itching to start tonight applied the cream & instantly stopped itching.
I cannot believe it, its only been 20 minutes so will see how it goes but it immediately stopped.
Im really hoping ive found something that helps for me.
Thought I would share as it may help someone else 🤞
UPDATE I slept most the night no itching haven’t slept like that in a very long time.


CAROL ZAMMIT Thanks for sharing…will give it a try. Anything to ease the itching!

KELLY WESCOMBE dident work for me but worked great for sunburn

ANGELIKA JAMES Have you tried calamine lotion for temporary relief? It worked for me.

DEBORAH MURPHY I use this for my little boy. If I massage it in quite firmly onto his larger hives it takes them down pretty much straight away. Also alot better if you put it in the fridge. It’s absolutely brilliant alongside aloe vera gel too!

LIA ULMEANU Guys I do find that the the brand Aveeno is brilliant for me anyways … all of it from body wash to body lotion so on … has anyone tried ? Ps: Joanne I did found a bit of relief with this cream too ….

ERICA BOYD Aveeno helps me!

HEATHER DERBY NEUFELD Calamine didnt work for me but unscented witch hazel brought some relief. Thanks for sharing the name of the cream.

VIVIENNE SEYMOUR I have been prescribed Dermacool. It is my new best friend. Can be purchased from Boots in the UK. I have had CIU on and off for near 20 years

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