I wanted to share my hives clear photos

There is hope friends! I wanted to share my hives clear photos, and invite others with success to share theirs. It is true that misery loves company, and it is great to know you are not alone, but..search for the success stories. Trust me, I was like you, many times in my life, too many times. I’ve done most of the medications, except xolair. When they returned this time, I made my mind up that this time would be different, so after a month of struggling with some of my old stand bys, I made an appointment with a Naturopath. I visited the first time the first week in June. But before I had a chance to visit, I had to get some Prednisone. He gave me a 15 day supply. Guess what, I still have pills left. For the first time I was able to taper sooner. I’m not alone here, there are other success stories. We each have a little different story and path to success. Seek out our stories, I don’t mind you reaching out to me and I know some others feel the same. Never lose hope!


Jackie D. Conner Did he make you change your diet and what did tell you to take besides prednisone?

Beth Carrier Fye Jackie D. Conner this is what I am currently taking. She wanted me to change diet, but after all these years I am pretty sure mine are not related to a large food group. I do avoid artificial sweeteners

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Jackie D. Conner Beth Carrier Fye
Did she tell you something about your gut that you have to stop eating certain food?

Beth Carrier Fye Jackie D. Conner yes, she made multiple recommendations which I did not follow based on my experience over the years. I did significantly cut back on processed food, but I still eat dairy, gluten, and high histamine foods. I do avoid sulfites in alcohol, and beauty products and shampoos, and soaps. I think it is awesome if you find relief from a special diet, but my point is we may all have a different path to success, but it is out there.

Geanina-Kati Taune Omega 3 and especially the vit d3 and quercitin might helped you so much!! All of them all together, best of luck and thanks for sharing

Beth Carrier Fye The P5P 50 seemed to really help too

Jennifer Emrick Lucky I’ve never eaten pill in my life unless super sick now I guess to get better I got to eat all these if it makes these awful things go away I’ll do it thank you for sharing
Right now all I take it
(Vitamin 5000, probiotic, Collagen, Allegra x1, Pepcid x1)
And so far so good but duno if it’s really curing anything or jus masking afraid to stop the regimen

Beth Carrier Fye I take Thyroid meds, High blood pressure meds also and a nutritional supplement program since 2015 that has other vitamins, minerals and pre and probiotics. While I believe we are probably masking it does make it more tolerable as we search for our main trigger.

Dave Dev Such a pleasure to be hives free, hey Beth? We sometimes start to forget how…peaceful…it is to have skin that is not screaming at you!!  I do miss the full body scratches my wife would give me though…they were the best things about hiving!

Beth Carrier Fye Dave Dev Absolutely, though mine are not completely gone every day.

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