I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria.

I didn’t even look like myself and I was sleep deprived, swollen, itchy, sore, hot to touch

My worst 4 years ago, when all this kicked off and I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria.
I ended up on tons of steroid tablets and steroid creams for ages and still take up to 4 Fexofenadine (Antihistamines) a day now to keep it under control. I have little bouts of hives but touch wood nothing like when these pics where taken.
It came on without warning, no skin conditions before it. It felt like I woke up and was living an absolute nightmare and felt so sorry for myself as it didn’t go away. I didn’t even look like myself and I was sleep deprived, swollen, itchy, sore, hot to touch…utterly depressed by it all. The final straw was when it went to my throat and it could have been much worse.
I know it’s hard when this devilish condition rears its head but there is light at the end of the tunnel, it’s hard but its about finding what works for you and running with it


Alicja Szwedo
suffer from this for last 5 months and so far no clue why… I feel your pain

Victoria Sawyer
Alicja Sz have you found something that helps you manage it?x

Alicja Szwedo
Allegra 4xday,I think some food adds to it-trying figure it out

Victoria Sawyer
Alicja Sz I found stressing about it brought it on more too x

Barbara Hanna
So thankful you have recovered. Me too, and I still take antihistamines and histamine blockers.

Amy Marie
Thank you for this uplifting post. I manage mine pretty good now (after over 6 years). It’s complex and different for everyone. I still wish we knew why, but I’m happy for now that I’ve learned to manage this 😊

Elvia B. Garcia
I pray you get better, soon

Luis Monteiro
Are you still having it?

Victoria Sawyer
Luis Monteiro I’ve not had a reaction like in the pics since all the steroids. I have the odd flare in areas, but I have managed to control it with Fexofenadine for the most part 😊

Luis Monteiro
Victoria Sawyer, I mean the goal is not taking any medication and not having any urticaria. Getting cured. If you wanna talk with cured people of my group you will see with your own eyes. Traditional Chinese medicine cures you. It cured me since 2014. Just see with your eyes.

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