I was originally told it is a small allergic reaction .

Hi all I’m 23 years old and suffering with chronic hives. I was originally told it was a small allergic reaction and only very recently told exactly what it was. In the beginning it was a rash on all over my arms and legs which didn’t itch it was controlled for six to seven weeks with steroids prednisone and fexofenitine. When this no longer kept it at bay and it returned with force I was given chlorophenamine( completely useless for me) I then saw a private dermatologist who gave me Certizine( again made it worse) at this point the hives had spread to my back, stomach,chest and also face. I have recently gone back to fexofenidine in the hope it will once again work, however at the moment it doesn’t seem to be. As I’m sure your aware it really is very hard to cope with I itch constantly, overheat and it’s really affecting my mood which isn’t great as I suffer with anxiety badly and depression.

I just wanted as much help as I can such as triggers, what I should eat, shouldn’t eat, any treatments or alternative medicines.

I’m a young girl who has just started a full time job at a prestigious law firm after working extremely hard to gain high grades and university and my legal practice course. Due to the hives I have now been off nearly 5 weeks and I’m very worried about my future with the firm. Not only that they make me very agitated and also self aware especially when it’s on my face I feel I can’t go anywhere. I lost my Nan in July who was like my mum and can’t help but feel the effects of that may have something to do with it.

I have tried numerous creams which have not worked Including derm creams, aloe Vera gel non itching cream. I really am struggling at this current time so any kind advice would be very much appreciated!


LAURA RECTENWALD You might try what I’m taking: two 180 mg fexofenadine in morning, one fexo at night, and two xyzal at night. Need to get you back functional! A lot of other folks say get gluten out of your diet. Also, try to eat fresh foods to avoid consuming histamine.

NIA STURGESS Ive only been prescribed 1 big tablet of 180mg a day which I take in the morning or I take 4 a day which add up to 180mg. I wasnt aware you could take more than one antihistemine at a time?

LAURA RECTENWALD Mia, there is a good article on this online. My allergist and internal med doc are ok with the meds I am taking. Have been on them since Sept 10 with no ill effects. I’m active 46 year old.

LAURA RECTENWALD I also do better if I take a supplement, umbrellux, can buy on amazon. one or two per day. I have found that each of these is playing a role in keeping mine under control. I work full time and can’t take antihistamines that make me sleepy. Steroids are no cure.

NIA STURGESS Do you find you have any side effects with the fexofenidine I find it contributes to my anxiety Ive only been prescribed 180mg a day of it once a day too. Thankyou

MARINA GIRGIS Hi Nina… I am also 23, a fresh grad and worked hard on gaining the best of grades but recently I’ve been taking alot of days off due to this condition… I realised the only way to fight this off is by putting on your clothes and acting like there’s nothing going on and getting your business done regardless of people’s stares

GINNY LUPO I agree. I get really depressed and self conscious but just have a brief phrase to explain at the beginning of a meeting like “I’m experiencing chronic hives. It’s not fun but it’s not contagious.” Or whatever then you acknowledge it and everyone can move on.
Also check out the histamine intolerance group(s). You have to drastically change you diet but it can make a huge difference after a couple weeks.

SARAH PRYSE Bless you, these things truly are awful!
Mine started after a failed termination earlier this year and I think that stress and the emotional rollercoaster I was on really did contribute. Have you had bloods done? Mine seem to be part of an autoimmune problem and antihistamines in any dose or combination do not help. Cutting gluten and processed sugars from my diet has helped massively, also Accupuncture. Taking control of diet and lifestyle also gave me back some control so might be worth a try. All the best, I hope they clear off really soon x

JENNIFER SERRANO Lyle Please see a Functional MD. They will get to the root of the issue which is usually in our guts. Eliminating things like gluten and dairy will help. Other doctors will just want to pump you full of Big Pharma and not get to the actual issue. I suffered like you for over 3 years until I saw the right doctor. CBD oil for anxiety too! Xo

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