I was still covered in painful, itchy hives

I woke up this morning, regular time..went into the bathroom looked in the mirror and started SOBBING! I mean full on gasping for breath tears streaming down my face.
Last week I decided enough was enough. I stopped my meds that were “treating” my CIU. I was on four Zrytek and two Atarax a day. I felt tired all the time, I was crabby..could hardly make it through my work day let alone be the kind of mother and wife that I wanted to be. And I was still covered in painful, itchy hives. I had been on Zrytek for 10 years!
I took one Zrytek at night for the first couple nightS “Just in case” i told myself. I haven’t had one in three days.
This morning i woke up with..drum roll please..5 hives!!!!!!! ONLY 5!
I have energy, I feel happy. I feel like I am able to be a part of my kids lives, not just “there”.
This is a picture of me the day I decided to stop my meds, and the second picture is of my hives this morning.
Does this mean I am cured? Does this mean I will never see hives again? NO. But it does mean I can get most of my life back. I expect there will be good days and bad days, but for right now this is a GREAT DAY!


Debbie Cornelius I studied nutrition (not as a dietician but culinary Nutrionist) everything we we were taught was that despite what the milk board/diary is promoting, that dairy is not good for you, for a whole bunch of reasons I won’t get into, mainly gut issues and inflammation.
Same with wheat, I realize that is controversial but I encourage you to try a diet for 3 weeks free of wheat, dairy, processed meats, sugar, chemical and see what happens.
Grass-fed beef is actually very good for you, bone broth (different than regular soup broth) from marrow/bones from grass-feed organic beef strengthens our immune system.
As is butter (or ghee) from grass fed cows is good for us,
There’s a whole world of anti-inflammatory foods out there that I’m looking into incorporating into my diet and slowly I am seeing it helping.
I’m not lecturing I’m only saying that its an option if what your currently doing is not working.
If anyone wants to learn more about anti-inflammatory foods follow Julie Daniuk.
I promise you if you look on her site and see her videos you’ll be interested in the foods she suggests and the lifestyle she talks about.

Tammy Thomas Suire I don’t know what to eat! I swear I would try if I could figure it out. The books only confuse me and list everything to avoid. Leaving hardly anything. Some contradict the other. Some say eat eggs some say don’t etc

Debbie Cornelius Follow Julie Daniluk website on Facebook and she has 2 great books with recipes.
I refer to many nutritionists and their programs but I think Julie has the easiest to understand and incorporate into a regular lifestyle.
Also Melissa Ramos, omg you guys find her website she’s hilarious!!!
And smart and sharing free great information all the time.
If you’re ready for a change but not sure where to start, find and follow these 2 women, your life will change in more ways than one trust me.
Both of them are not in-accessible as well, meaning if you posted in their FB page they likely will answer your questions and help you for free.
Let me know who’s also doing this and we can PM recipes back and forth.

Karen Lampson I’ve been hive-free for six weeks simply by following a low-histamine food diet. I’m on no medication for hives. I’ve also given up grains and sugar and feel great. I highly suggest following a low-histamine food plan!

Tammy Thomas Suire I know you are right .it changed my friends life for sure. Trying to find a plan I can understand without spending MORE MONEY! Spent a small fortune at the dr yesterday. Yet again

Cathy Colston Your second arm was like mine all the time. Ever thought of using xolair? I am doing it now and get your whole life back but I still take Zyrtec – why? I’m not sure I guess it’s my safety net lol. I’m glad that you took it in your hands though and your getting results – very happy!!

Gene Starr This is awesome!!!

Poupoune France So happy for you:)

Ashley Germain Well, it was nice while it lasted. Upper lip is swelling, hands are swelling and I have a Hive in each arm pit the size of a quarter..still better than I was though!

Tammy Thomas Suire Well I was hoping for you Ashley but from what my dr told me yesterday we have to wean. I had to take that one yesterday. So far so good today but I didn’t take another today like she told me to. I am still trying to get OFF. I know antihistamines make it worse! But that’s the problem. all the medications seem to make it worse in the long run. Just read interesting article and it said just that!

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