I went to go yawn and my lips are swollen

lips are swollen

Woke up this morning feeling less itchy after getting my third xolair shot yesterday .I went to go yawn and could tell my lip was swollen I guess it’s better than an almost swollen eye right
Hope everyone can find relief this weekend 😔


JAMES WILLIFORD Have you tried going gluten free to see if it helps? My hives went away when I did.

ALANA REIHL I have not. I’m not sure how to do it…what to eat what not to eat…this doesn’t happen every day. Luckily the weekend are the times the swelling happens on my face. I was told it was my autoimmune of why I have hives.

JAMES WILLIFORD It’s basically not eating anything with flour. Have to buy gluten free bread, crackers, etc..

ALANA REIHL Are there signs from the body other than swelling that would alert me that gluten stuff is a problem?

JAMES WILLIFORD Some people have Celiac disease and some are just sensitive to it. I tested negative for Celiac but gluten causes my stomach to make funny noises when I eat it and it makes me feel sick when I eat too much of it. I read that when people who can’t tolerate gluten eat it, the gluten damages their intestines and makes tiny holes (leaky gut) which allows the gluten to enter the bloodstream and then an allergic reaction occurs causing hives. The problem is that there is so little info available from doctors and so little legitimate scientific research that the only info is from alternative sources and there is a lot they still don’t know or understand.

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