I went to the allergy doctor once and wasted $300 for the visit he never help me

Ive been having hives for 8 months now 😰😣 I went to the allergy doctor once and wasted $300 for the visit he never help me I was so disappointed 😩 i was expecting some kind of test or do’s and don’t’s advice, instead he only said to continue taking antihistamine πŸ˜’ and he also told me that since they don’t know the causes of hives Doctors can’t do anything about it and all I can do is continue to take antihistamine until it’s gone for good 😣 I’m so tired having hives every single day😫 please can you comment some do’s and don’ts advices. Thanks


RAIN PHOENIX RAE whenever i have these attacks, i would pop a cetirizine/zyrtec then havea hot shower n apply baby powder all over the itch. i will try to detox my intestines too. have a rest in a clean sheeted bed n hope for the best. but do take note that different people have different way of dealing with it. i hope u get well soon.

ISOBEL CALYNN I which I could give you advice! I hope it can make you feel a little bit better by saying that your pictures could be mine. Many many hugs.

RAE SCHIAVONE GARZONE I stopped going to drs no help. At the beginning I took a Zantac and zertac in morning and night cut out carbs. Got down to once a day. Was in remission twice for a short time. Now I need only a zertac once every few days I hope this helps

MICA LEWIS I would go to a different allergist. Even though majority of the time the cause is unknown, there are things that they can do to try and make them go away. We all know how miserable living with the hives is and unfortunately you have to be your own advocate. My doctor said the recommend course of treatment is to try 4 times the normal does of antihistamines, then xolair, then chemo of immune suppressing drugs as a last resort.

ALISON RANDALL Ask for an ANA screen which is a blood test if you haven’t had one yet to find out if the cause is autoimmune and find a good rheumatologist if it is autoimmune. Someone else mentioned a hot shower, but that would make me worse. Ice packs help when my hives are bad. Try to figure out if you have triggers and what they are. Common ones are being tired and coming down with a cold/getting sick. I have delayed pressure hives sometimes so a bra strap or straps that are too tight on shoes can give me hives. Good luck!

MICA LEWIS it’s crazy because I do a warm shower than ice packs and it helps. It’s weird.

BREANNA CHURCHMAN Pressure hives are what I have as well


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