I will be know as “The Hive” would consist of a swarm of bees.

The comic con for my city is happening tomorrow, hopefully I look better by morning. If not I decided I will be know as “The Hive” and my costume would consist of a swarm of bees.
On another note, who knew my hatred of contacts would come back to haunt me. Glasses cause pressure hives for my ears. As if having to wear glasses isn’t already enough. With a concoction of medicine under my belt, I’m hoping to start feeling some relief. Sending what positive vibes I have left to all others going through a breakout right now.


Ana Garcia Hope you are good to go tomorrow!

Lani Kazmark Thank you

Cochinillo Dulce Sending good vibes. I react the same you do. I’m 4-eyed myself.

Lani Kazmark Thank you

Cochinillo Dulce When I get hives on my neck. It’s very little time before I get fat throat. Epipen is my expensive best friend.

Lani Kazmark Thankfully my throat didn’t swell that bad. It’s my least favorite part of this all, it scares me so much.

Cochinillo Dulce It does scare me. It takes little time for an episode to become an emergency one.

Ellen Carroll Oh, Lani, so sorry. Thank you for your good thoughts for us.

Connie Cromien McAdam Sending care and support to you. Cool costume idea, you haven’t lost your sense of creativity!

Rhoda Young Awh .hope it doesn’t last too long

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