I will not be responsible for my actions

hives on hand 12

I walked into my immunologists office today, having tried everything and feeling on the verge of tears. I am covered my legs, chest, back, stomach and now this huge swollen/angry one on my arm. She has approved me to start on Xolair and is sending off for approval (in Aus the govt needs to approve its use due to the $$$). I am so happy to have another option!! If one more person tells me to try antihistamines I will not be responsible for my actions haha


LYNN LUCAS GOULD Those are painful. I’m very familiar with them
I hope the Xolair works for you

TREVOR WILSON Do you have any idea how much it costs in Australia and what hoops do you have to jump through to get it ?

AMELIA LOUISE It costs the gov $1000 roughly per shot. But we have a PBS that everyone is eligible for so its comes down to $37 and then if you are on a low income card or have a disability you get it for $6

NICOLE BLOTNICK I hope you get approved. Xolair has changed my life. The hives were so bad I didn’t want to live. Keeping my fingers crossed for you xo

AMELIA LOUISE Im sorry to hear you were feeling like that. I feel like I have been given some hope as Im not far off feeling like that most days now

AMANDA WHITE FRASER I’ve never had them suggested to me and I’ve suffered on and off for about 16 years , the drs just say take more antihistamines … which do bugger all!!

MINDY JO Xolair cured me completely after 4 sets of shots. I was so happy to get off of steroids and antihistamines!! The prednisone made me gain 30lbs!! It’s been over a year and no hives!! I’m so thankful!! Here in the US, they made sure I tried ALL OTHER OPTIONS before approving me. Luckily, the allergenist here would receive samples and I was able to get the shots while waiting to get approved!! The best of luck to you!! I hope it works for you like it did for me!
I used to hate hearing people tell me what to try like I hadnt already tried everything. And hearing that I was eating something I was allergic to used to REALLY tick me off!!


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