I’I have never experienced anything like it .

I’m currently having a bout of what look like hives and I have never experienced anything like it . I’m taking fexofenadine once a day with piriton every 4 hours and it’s still reacting . I’m not even sure I should take the 2 together but I couldn’t cope with the feeling if being on fire it was so itchy .


ELLIE WALLEDGE I have the exact same  my legs r bleeding where I am itching so much xx I was in fexofenadine 4 times a day but couldn’t keep my eyes open – I’m on another anti histamine at mo which doesn’t touch it xx feelings ur pain

LINDSEY GREGSON You can take take up to 4 a day fexo and try them with ranitidine twice a day , that what my dermatologist said I could take x

NINA HOUSLAY I only have 30 but I’m hoping to get to see a consultant through my hubbys work health scheme and hopefully get sorted out for meds better than from my gp xx

LINDSEY GREGSON I came off the fexo, I think they made me worse, levocetrizine are better x

KATIE WESTMARK-BENJAMIN When I eat carbs and sugar mine go into overdrive , my lips puff up and I get them on my face too , all over my knee areas and ankles and bottoms of feet and arms and back…. basically everywhere Lol ! Anyway , I can relate to the carb and sugar breakouts and coffee does it too.

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