I’m going crazy with the itching

So I’ve never had hives before about 3 weeks ago. It started with a savagely itchy spot on my right little finger, and spread to my palms, forearms and now my feet, legs and trunk over the past 3 weeks. The itching is worst on My hands and feet, with My feet being especially itchy when I’ve taken off my socks and shoea. My doctor initially suspected erythemia multiforme but every blood test has come back negative. He took a biopsy of a lesion which was inconclusive apart from noting a presence of eosinophils for which they couldn’t specifically account. My rashes have been annular in shape, with distinct white centres but they for the most part flare and go away seemingly at will. It’s driving me crazy and even the strong antihistamines aren’t working at night to help sleep. I’m now waiting for a dermatologists appointment.

I have no idea what’s changed or why I’m having this. The only thing my bloodwork did show is that I have low level antibodies for Ross River Virus (an Australian mosquito borne illness) but that I was likely well post infection at those levels. All I know is that I’m going crazy with the itching and nothing seems to help


ROSE KEEN HALL I’m so sorry. I’m at 8 weeks and just hoping they will go away.

DAVID WEBSTER I just wish I knew what to avoid. I’ve changed nothing to bring this on!

KRISTA MORGAN Mine popped up at a very stressful time about 5 months ago. They look like yours do on a most days but some days they are really bad. I’ve tried diet. Pressure, Alcohol and eggs seem to make mine worse (I think) but not sure 100%. Hope you get some relief soon.

KATY NOTLEY I’ve had this for around 6 years ! I mostly get it on my hands , feet , ankles , head and face . The itching drives me insane . Had bloods done and only comes back that I have low platelet count . Think it’s stressed related but even if I cut or bump myself it causes it to flare up . Or if I’ve been in the sun too long it comes up too . Hope they find an answer .

LYNN LUCAS GOULD I’m sorry this is happening to you. This is a great forum for ideas, support, and realizing that you are not alone in this very real struggle. Read deep in the threads to find out what has helped others, and decided for yourself what you would like to try. Whatever you decide to do, it will take time to get this under control, so hang in there!

GINNY LUPO Same story for me. Those could be my pictures – except less hairy . I’m trying low histamine diet and it’s going well. Look at the histamine intolerance groups. If this is your issue, there’s a range of foods, etc to avoid not just 1 or 2 specifically.

JESSIE SIMS I’ve been dealing with CIS since 2010. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! It’s miserable and NOBODY understands. You don’t understand until it happens to you. I get it severely. I’ve been hospitalized because my airway swelled with hives and I couldn’t breathe. I get 4x the amount of Xolair in a month than most people get and it’s not helping anymore. I’ve been on Xolair for almost 5 years. I was one of the patients who had it before it was FDA approved and helped pave the way to it getting approved. It helped for a while, but then it became less effective and they had to increase my dose two different times.

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