I’m hoping to someday find an answer to my chronic hives .

chronic hives12

I’ve been breaking out in hives for about a year now. The first picture was when I went to the ER because I had never experienced hives like this before and was worried that I would start developing other symptoms of an allergic reaction. They put steroids and antihistamines in an IV that didn’t help at all and then gave me epi through the IV that cleared up ALL the hives in seconds. It was the craziest thing, but sure enough all the hives returned and I’ve been fighting this battle ever since.

All allergy tests have come back negative and I’ve been relying on Zertec and Benadryl everyday to keep the hives to a minimum. I’m hoping to someday find an answer to my chronic hives 😧


BECKY SANCHEZ I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. Mine have been flaring up lately too because I fell out of my habits. What has helped: cutting out sugar, alcohol, carbs and most dairy. Then adding in candida cleanse pills twice a day and bentonite clay

SUE JOAN PERFETTO Sarah I’ve been trying to spread the word about xolair. It is a shot I received from my allergist. finally after a year of hives and 3 shots I have had no outbreaks in 3 weeks!

RHEANE POMERLEAU Gonna look into this shot. I live in Mexico so no idea if available here

GAIL KOPCHAINS NEEVES I just signed up for this shot. Dr says I will need to carry epipen at all times b/c there is a .2% chance of anaphylactic shock. Have you had any side effects?

DUSTIE DIPIETRO Mine started about 6 months after my daughter was born. They were like yours in your photo, head to toe. I tried diets. Nothing help. Had them for almost 2 years. They started to decrease and eventually I started to slowly decrease my meds. I have been hive free with a zyrtec every three days for about a year now. I feel for you.

JAMES WILLIFORD I was eating Zertec and Benadryl like candy too. In desperation I went on a strict gluten free diet. Took several weeks but the hives, gone. Then after several months I had some gluten and within 3 days the hives came back.

KATHERINE WAGNER There are a lot of underlying possibilities, but generally chronic hives is an auto-immune condition and not an allergy. Two different things. Great that cutting out gluten helped you. Sounds like you do not have an auto-immune condition.

SARAH THOMPSON I do feel like the Zertec and Benadryl help to keep the hives to a minimum but I worry about the long term side effects taking those drugs on a daily basis, especially if my husband and I decide to have another baby someday. I do want to ask my doctor about those injections you guys recommend!

TRACY SHAPIRO I’ve been taking Zyrtec or equivalent for over 10 years. Can’t live without it

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