I’m so confused and can’t figure out what’s triggering it.

I’m wondering what kind of specialist you all go to? My allergist diagnosed me with chronic hives 6 months ago but I can’t seem to keep it under control wondering if I should see another type of doctor?

I take Zyrtec every morning and when the flare is bad I add Zantac with it. I’m so confused and can’t figure out what’s triggering it.


AMANDA FOREST I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.
I hope a doctor helps you
Have you gone to hospital when your lips have flared up?
That looks like that could get you more help

YASIN IBRAHIM The doctor cannot help you. It is you to help yourself. You need to cut down the dietry, whet product, milk, eggs, fish, apple, nuts, seeds…etc anything causing your body to react within 3 days. You need to stop alcohol especially vodka, beer, vo5, whisky…etc. You need to find out why this disease attacked you, what have you done to your body in the last 10 years like bottox, vaccine containing mercury and silver amalgam inside your teeth. Do the hair test to find out the food and material reaction to your body.

JENNIFER QUINN You can find a functional medicine MD by googling it. If you go to their association there is a search engine by zip code.
Please try an elimination diet! Get a good probiotic and cut out beef, pork, shellfish, dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, corn, alcohol and chocolate for 4-5 weeks. Then slowly (one at a time) reintroduce.

MARK J. BRANCH I had hives for six weeks. I tried everything I could get my hands on. I even juiced for 15 days, then I went to a acupuncture appt and in one day it cleared up!

TAMICKA TERRY It’s something you might be eating, did you get testing? My mom had to take pretnazone and zyrtec together, one didn’t work without the other. It looks like you may have urticaria.

RACHEL NIEVIEROWSKI I have been tested I have seasonal allergies and none of my food allergies ever come positive

CODI ROSETTE Mine are caused from heat. Any sort of physical activity that makes my temp go up, I break out. Exercise to mopping the floor. Have to keep cool all times. Allergist just prescribed Allegra 2x a day…. still unable to tell if it helps any.

BRITNEY LLEWELLYN Benadryl and claritin don’t work for me. I’m on 4 zyrtec (2 in am and 1 or 2 in pm) and pepsid ac (1 in am and 1 in pm). The allergist wouldn’t help me once i told him i didnt want to do xolair

AMI ARCHER This is exactly what has been happening to me. I don’t have insurance til January and I’ve been to the er twice in almost 2 months. I have no clue what causing it. My bottom lip got so big recently. It was so bad and hives all over. The only thing that keeps my hives and swollen lip normal is the steroids.

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