hi I'm suffering from an unknown food allergy

I’m suffering from an unknown food allergy


I’m 33 and have woken up with hives consistently since June. Came outta nowhere. I’ve often wondered if I’m suffering from an unknown food allergy. And have spent the last 2 months trying to figure out what triggers the hives to no avail. It’s messing with my life and affecting me mentally. I feel depression creeping up on me. I don’t know where to begin. Do I see an allergist, a dermatologist, or a family practitioner? Do I request blood work? I need any and all advice. ☹️


KIMBERLY STEVENS MASURA I have seen family Dr, then dermatologist, then Allergist. I’m now being sent to rheumatology.
Honestly the best help I have gotten so far is from a Integrated/Functional dr. She is running 20 blood tests and 20 saliva/stool tests to get things ruled out. No results yet, but I feel hopeful she will help. I’m going on 19 months of severe hives and angioedema.

AGNES NIKOLIC try to write down what you eat…..for me processed food make this and chocholate

LISA BENARD CHRISTENSEN I find it ridiculous that regular drs dont even try. Mine said “most times they never figure out the cause so we just treat symptoms”
Well, i’m sorry, but have they ever considered if they kept looking they might find the cause and the cure? Lol geez.
I wont take no for an answer. I have had mine since january. Never had an allergy to anything in my entire 37 years prior.
I wish i had a close by functional dr (and a bunch of money to pay them lol)

TANYA HARRISON My hives and angiodema started at the end of February out of the blue and I had them until May. No one could tell me what caused them. I went to see an allergist but he told me nothing. I started changing my diet, drinking bentonite clay and seeing a naturopath and I haven’t had hives since around June. My skin is still sensitive but no breakouts and I had previously been covered all over my body. I completely understand how you feel it’s so horrible and I got pretty depressed about the whole situation. Fingers crossed yours clears up. I hope mine doesn’t return but I have heard of people’s hives coming back but I guess everybodys situation is different. I had food intolerance testing done also so have been trying to avoid these foods and work on my gut health as I have been told this is linked to hives

BRIDGET CATER I have been to quiet a few doctors been allergy tested, blood drawn, dermatologist the whole 9 yards they put me on so many medicines.. still no relief, so i stating try to find natural stuff to help me.. as of right now i haven’t broke out since May..
Been on some natural supplements that have helped me alot. I used to get heartburn all the time!! i take 2 capsules of modere vital and 2oz. biocell life i sale these 2 products, i have also been taking 2 omega xl capsules a day..
If u would like links for the biocell and the vital just message me, that link will save 10 dollars on your first order..


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