hi I'm sure I will try some of your suggestions.

I’m sure I will try some of your suggestions.

hives on nik 1

I’ve been living with this for 5 years now and pretty much live on Zyrtec, sometimes taking up to 60mg/day. When it’s really severe, throw in 50mg Prednisone and sometimes 25mg Phenergan. I’m a registered nurse so throw in a redundant sleep cycle and I’m really a ball of fun!!! I’ve never had any allergic reactions to anything prior.
It took me a while to recognise but now know my trigger is anxiety (and sometimes sudden drop in external temperature).
My First flare up was moving my parents from our hometown 2000klm away and I woke up looking like Mickey Rourke, then a few months later talking to them about their finances (interesting when my father was an accountant)
The penny finally dropped when my partner and I decided to take on a foster child (We didn’t receive any history prior). then it was pretty much “flame on” for 6 months straight and took on the appearance of an inflamed leopard!
Currently going through longest episode as we decided to move my parents in with us 🤤
I’ve tried many different “over the counter” medications and of course anyone that sees the rash “oh, you’ve got ringworm
There’s not one part of my body that hasn’t had them and never in the same spot twice, including my tongue, eyelids and souls of my feet.

My Aunt is a naturopath and I’ve just sent off a hair sample for testing which will determine if I’m deficient or toxic in a list of vitamins and minerals and no doubt be prescribed enough supplements to be a meal on their own. Will see how it goes.

Will be interesting reading through all of your experiences and I’m sure I will try some of your suggestions.


KIMBERLY COPELAND Hey James, sorry to see you going through this but glad to see another RN here. (Emergency Room) I have found that adding vitamin D3 3000 IU, and a probiotic seem to help.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Sorry to see this is happening to you. You are under a lot of stress, and that could have possibly triggered the hives, it did for me. You are correct, you will find a lot of helpful information here. I would add to pay particular attention to diet changes people have made, it makes a big difference. All the best to you.

KIM MAC DONALD SHEPHERD Have you had patch testing done? Nickel Allergy (contact and systemic can show up on the hands.

DOROTHY HOWARD James, I have had some success taking Zyrtec 10mg x 2/day and Ranitidine 300mg x 2/day. Once the hives are more or less under control I start gradually reducing the meds. First, I eliminate on Ranitidine dose. If that works okay after awhile I eliminate the remaining dose of Ranitidine, then I start with the Zyrtec. I can usually get by on one 10mg Zyrtec, but cant get off of it totally or the hives come back with a vengeance. At one Zyrtec my hives are usually just short term red streaks and mild itching.
My trigger seems to be a severe physical stress like a bad illness or surgery. I have often wondered if adrenal gland malfunction is somehow implicated with hives. My guess is as good as the pros … they dont seem to have a clue.

KIMMIE LACH Hives for 20 years now. They have me on Claritin in morning. Singular afternoon and Zyrtec at nite. It cut down on the hives. I just received my first xolair Injection last fri. Had bad reaction first 2 days but since then no hives!! Slowly weaning down from the 3 meds so will c.

ROMANA COLLINS On and off for 16 years. Zyrtec morning and night, cellcept (immune suppressant) morning and night, plaquenil and singular of a morning. I also did an intensive elimination diet (took 4 months to complete) which helpped also. But most of my triggers are unknown.

MISTI HOLLAND People on here are probably tired of me saying this….. but I have had CIU 26 years now. I won’t list all my meds… same stuff everyone uses…. the most help I have found …. peace of mind stuff… is reading the article on the national institute of health web site called ” managing difficult urticaria”. As a member of the medical profession you should enjoy it. Good luck my friend…. sending love and well wishes from the US!

JAMES FLOOD hi there People,So, I just received my results from my Hair test.
It was completed by Trace Elements Inc. (Dallas, Texas). The report that I received back states that [the hair] provides a blueprint and lasting record of mineral status and nutritional metabolic activity that has occurred during this time. They consider your weight, height and shampoo/hair treatments you use.
It explains the relationship between different minerals and what effects these can have on the body.
Mine stated that I have a Fast Metabolism (Type #1). I initially laughed at this, as anyone that knows me would know that my spirit animal is a sloth I am overweight and next to no energy. However, this test explains that with chronic uncontrolled stress can lead to various vitamin and mineral imbalances.
Each trace element is pictured on a graph showing High/Normal/Low ranges and is reported in mg% (milligrams per one-hundred grams of hair).
It lists NUTRITIONAL Elements, TOXIC Elements and ADDITIONAL Elements.
Thankfully, my toxic elements are all extremely low, however Aluminium is set at 1.2% (still within the bottom range of the Low section and I put this down to the aerosol deodorants we still use here in Australia).
My nutritional elements are a little more intriguing.
Magnesium its essential for muscle relaxation, protein synthesis, nerve excitability and energy production on a cellular level. Mine is reported as low (1.4%). The report explains that Magnesium levels are very dependent on the Calcium Levels. When these are chronically low in the body, a tendency to one or more of the following conditions will increase:
Hyperactivity; tremors; irritability; noise sensitivity; muscle spasms; excessive perspiration; muscle cramps; Insomnia and increased body odor.
The interesting element is Cobalt. Mine is reported at the very top of the graph (High). It states that studies have found that industrial exposure to cobalt is associated with allergy symptoms and contact dermatitis. It lists herbal sources to avoid which are high in cobalt as:
Goldenseal; Black Cohosh; Slippery Elm; Alfalfa and Chamomile.
The report also lists dietary suggestions based on my mineral levels and metabolic type. It lists foods to avoid and foods that I should increase my intake of.
It then lists a regime of supplements that I should take (theirs of course), which looking at my recommendations, Im not sure I will have room for food after taking them, however, I will do this because I am not wanting to continue taking all the other chemicals I am using to control my hives and stress/anxiety levels.
I then must retake the test in 3 months time.
This test and relevant actions may not be the answer for everyone, but it is one that I am willing to try. I have copied the link to the Trace Elements Inc. website below.
Watch this space.


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