I am wondering does this look like hives ?

I’m wondering does this look like hives ?I’ve been to doctors and an allergist and they really don’t have a answer . She diagnosed me with hives but it’s weird cuz it’s ONLY on my arms (shown in pics) and now spread to my knees. It starts as pink/reddish circles then it has a burning itching feeling and when i scratch it rises . Also it happens when i sleep and when i wake up they are there . I’ve never had this in my life . It all started when i was put on an antibiotic i was allergic to MONTHS ago and had problems since . I even have face swelling but I’ve got them under control since i take Zyrtec everyday . Sorry for the long post but I’m just lost and looking for some kind of answers .

I’m wondering does this look like hives


Linda Malley I hate when it’s on my knees. Yes the hives seem to like to come out at night. If you need a bit of topical relief aloe vera helps calm the itchies.

Brittany Keown Does this look like hives ? I’m confused cuz it’s only on that part of my arms and knees lol

Linda Malley I call them hives for lack of a better term. They do flare on just certain parts of the body, and sometimes they spread all over. You just never know.

Faith Kee Look like it, similar to mine too 🙁 but slowly spread everywhere thereafter

Brittany Keown Faith Kee really ? Have u figured out what triggers it ? Idk what I’m doing different . All ik is at when i wake up it’s bad or when i get really stressed

Faith Kee Brittany Keown have tried many checks including blood tests but all OK, not sure what triggers it but stress is one factor and mine could be hormonal too

Faith Kee Brittany Keown I tried to go off gluten and dairy but does not reduce it

Brittany Keown Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one. Yeah I’ve had all the test also . Ugh so frustrating .

Faith Kee Brittany Keown yes, definitely not alone in this and do let us know how it goes for you, support group helps 🙂

Linda Malley This Hives Discussion Fourm has definitely been a life saver

Betsy Swinson Add Zantac 150 mg to your meds. If 1 Zyrtec a day is helping, add one Zantac. It just depends – I take 2 Claritin and 1 Zantac in am, 2 Zyrtec and 1 Zantac in pm. Dosage prescribed by my allergist that specializes in hives; we can take more than label dosage. Best of luck!

Linda Malley Ah yes. Zantac/Ranitidine helps.

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