Is hive disease just supposed to go away one day?

I think I’m getting my hopes up.

Is this disease just supposed to go away one day? Does it slowly day by day become less and less intense? I don’t want to jinx myself (but let’s be real i probably will) I’ve been taking my meds ranitidine 1 in the morning and one at night, and two cetrizines 20mg one at 10 am and one at 6 pm. Every day on time plus my iron pill and my multivitamin and my hives SEEM to becoming less and less. Now I mean it could be from my meds actually working. But WHAT IF this hive bs is slowly fading away?! I’m I going crazy? Lol I am just so over these hives I think I’m getting my hopes up.


Laura Cooper
That’s how both of my remissions started. Just with less and less hives each day until one day there were none! Fingers crossed for you x

Allison Aileen
Yes it can go away at any minute, but it can come back 😕

Lee Piechocki
I have had 2 major hive events in my life. First one began when I was 21 years old. It lasted about 10 months. I had no clue the cause back then and was very frustrated, taking Zyrtec every day…. didn’t really change anything in my life and after 10 months they went away as mysteriously as they arrived. I was hive free for 10 years!
My second hive event began 2016 and lasted over 2 years, with hives every day, despite antihistamines, xolair and prednisone in emergency situations. After 2 years I could t just hope they would go away on their own. I found about the AIP diet from this FB group, tried it out of desperation, and within 2 months I was hive free and off all meds.

Jessica Wright
Lee Piechocki oh wow 😭 well I will stay very hopeful!

Ann Margaret Mole
I pray they go away for all of us it is a horrible thing to live with.

Leanne Mayes
Can I ask, for the people who’s hives go into remission do you stop taking meds or still continue even if your hive free?

Laura Cooper
Leanne Mayes my first remission lasted 6 years and I was med free for the duration. This remission is currently 9 months and counting and again I’m medication free x

Leanne Mayes
Brilliant. I’m praying I can come off medication soon xx

Elise Rappoport
Leanne Mayes no I stop meds completely. If I’m daft and eat a gummy/jelly sweet with red dye or a red skittle I might get the odd hive but I banished anything like that from my diet years ago. I usually get a couple of years off then maybe a year or so of hives. Almost always extreme stress or a nasty illness that brings me back to life with hives again.

Leanne Mayes
Elise Rappoport I’m new to all this Iv had them for the first time in my life for 6 months now. Iv found the right combination of pills finally, I’m literally getting a handful of hives each morning now. I tried stopping the medication but they just flared up again, maybe it was too soon.
They have told me mine is idiopathic I literally have no triggers and my bloods were good although I think don’t think stress helps.
So do you stop your meds when you are hive free or when they just improve? X

Elise Rappoport
I’m autoimmune but it doesn’t really matter – ultimately they’re both part of the same immune spectrum disorder. Sounds like you’re around where I am. I came out of remission in April after getting my hubby through a breakdown so stress is a biggy for me too. When my immune system is starting to function more normally (less hives, less reactive) I start to wean down. It’s really incremental. If I have a few good days or weeks I drop a dose. The last big drop for me was zantac, which I did during my recent juice cleanse. Now I’m just on Montelukast, fex and a loratadine at night. I don’t always take the loratadine just if i need a bit extra. The next thing I want to drop is Montelukast. I’m past the leukotriene spike period so it should be fine. I’ll probably do it during a 3 day juice fast so my immune system is tempered when I drop just to be safe. My night doses of antihistamines are the last to go for obvious reasons. For me it’s really about watching my body closely, waiting and trying to cheat my immune system into a state of normal balance. If stress doesn’t help your symptoms try things that calm your central nervous system. I do a lot of yoga, which helps massively.

Leanne Mayes
Elise Rappoport thank you, some really good advice there.
Think that’s obviously where I went wrong I just stopped the medication.
I only take 2x ranitidine (Zantac) , 1x Atarax , 1x Montelukast.
I was taking fexofenadine but stopped at it didn’t seem to help me.
If I keep getting just a handful a day I’ll try weening off them. Thank you for the advice xx

Elise Rappoport
No problem at all. Slow and steady. I’d drop one of your zantac next and see how you go. If you need to step it back up you can. It’s a process and you’ll get there

Erica Wilson
I’m hive free. Came off my antidepressants thinking they caused my hives. Also on folic acid and iron pills daily. No hives. Now can’t be sure which has helped. But fingers crossed. X

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