hi Is it hives please help me

Is it hives please help me

I have this since 5months from now. Every time i scratched my skin or laid myself on a hard surface. So itchy! I went to the derma 2days ago and they request me to go for a lab test called ana 1 1:60. Have u guys heard that? They want to make sure where it coming. Is it hives and not lupus.


Tammy Starren Yes common blood test for anyone with urticaria. You are getting dermatographism. My ana was negative. They should also check thyroid and for allergies

Jennifer Mignanelli Halahurich Yes I was the same way, if I get scratched, put too much pressure, carry a heavy bag I’ll get hives. I’ve been taking xolair as I also have a Angie edema and it is almost completely gone.

Debra Secondino Looks like you have dermographism. I had this along with chronic hives and a positive ANA with lupus markers…. I still haven’t had much in terms of answers unfortunately. The dermographism is more of an annoyance than anything.

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