Is it my diet or an auto immune disease causing my hives?

I am covered in hives

I have a riddle I need help solving..but first here is the back story. Suffering from CIU cause by an auto immune disease for 9 months and haven’t seen any consecutive days without hives unless taking prednisone which seemed to stop working. So here is my riddle on September 22nd I started a Whole30 diet(no soy, no dairy, no grains, no alcohol, no legumes, and no added sugar) first week of the diet I still had hives on October 3rd I received my second Xolair shot (the first round didn’t work. On October 4th I started a steroid taper 20mg. I was hive free from October 6th until October 15th and on only 5mg of prednisone for the last four days. Yesterday I didn’t take any prednisone and decided to eat ramen and today I’m covered in hives. So my question to this mystery is, is it my diet or an auto immune disease causing my hives?


Jodi Davis Gempler
Probably both! Seriously. My Dr recommended for me to stay away from gluten even though I do not have leaky gut or sibo or any of that gut stuff. For me it’s autoimmune…but I still follow a strict gluten free and dairy free diet. Ramen also had a lot of MSG in it.

Erica Lee
Good to know Jodi! Thank you

Anne Camille Jongleux
It’s difficult to day from one meal that it was that item. I did Whole 30, or some version of paleo/AIP for nearly a year. Some things were likely to cause me to have more hives, but not always, and I never tested “allergic” to any of them. You may find that there at items you’ll just always feel poorly if you eat, but avoidance of only that likely won’t keep your hives under control. If they do, that’s great. I found that diet made me feel good overall, because I was eating better, healthier, but it didn’t cure it resolve my hives. For me, when I’m itchy or hive-y, low histamine helps me keep things in control.

Erica Lee
It’s crazy even with xolair that I would have the keep a low histamine diet but if that’s the case I will do it!

Dave Dev
It’s an intolerance to a trigger…and CIU and autoimmune conditions are both symptoms of it, not diseases.

Erica Lee
Yes, but I was told it has nothing to do with what I eat.

Dave Dev
Erica Lee maybe, maybe not…it’s possible its bacterial, viral, yeast, mold or anything external to the environment


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