Is there any relation between a fungal infection and chronic hives?

Is there any relation between a fungal infection and chronic hives? Someone told me to get mitroconozole for jock itch fungus.. I do have tinea versicolor but also chronic hives. However, I used the fungal spray a few times and there is an INSANE difference. Wth?


Jessica West That’s interesting

Stoney Scrivner Wow, that is a big difference!! I’m glad you are getting a little relief. I’m going to give it a try also.

Sylvia RD Treat Yes and I’m not itching at all! Insane!

Jessica West What kind did you use?

Ann Matzkanin I might have to invest in some

Stoney Scrivner Are you still improving with the spray?

Sylvia RD Treat Day 3 and my hives are nearly gone on my arms and chest! And all gone from my neck!

Stoney Scrivner That’s awesome, so happy for you!

Jessica West I have to go buy some of that

Sylvia RD Treat I am amazed I have tried everything everywhere and this has releived them far more than anything I’ve ever seen

Joanne Bayliss Fab news may need to get some x

Kriste Colon Yes there is a huge link with yeast infections and hives. This is the same medication used to treat yeast infections. My daughter was treated for yeast in her gut and has been hive free for 5 months now. Good luck.

Debbie Hewson Do you mind me asking what treatment your daughter had?

Sarah Ramsay H pylori and candida have strong links . I’ve had CU for a year with angioedema and pressure hives and have tested positive for h pylori. I will post if CU goes.

Lisa Eagles What’s the company who made this spray can’t quite make it out ?

Margaret Crider Hi Sylvia RD Treat, I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you’ve still had success using the miconazole spray for your hives? I also have tinea versicolor and found your post, hoping this may be a solution for me, too.

Sylvia RD Treat Yep! Success!!!!

Margaret Crider So do you have to keep using it or have your hives just stayed away? Do you take anything else?

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