is there any success stories on curing these hives naturally? If so what did you do?

I’ve been a suffer since October 25 2017. Not sure what triggered it.

I don’t take antihistamines daily because of the side effects and I don’t want them not to work when I desperately need them. I only take them in emergency situations or when I have a event coming up. Usually I suffer through it during the day. They only get extremely bad at night. When I apply ice to the bottom of my feet it calms them down naturally.

I just want them gone completely! Doctor said my Vitamin D is low and the allergist said I have derma “something” urticaria.

I’m looking for a natural healing please help if you can! God bless you all!


Janet Chacurian Padgett Me too but nothing has worked so far (4 years) other than Xolair. I have tried supplements, acupuncture, naturopath, low histamine diet, gluten free, dairy free, and more things that I cannot even remember now, but for me, nothing worked.
I hope you find something that works for you. I hope we all do!

Kelly Reed Thank you, I’m glad you found something that worked for you.

Janet Chacurian Padgett Kelly, it works and I am grateful to be off steroids and antihistamines and cyclosporine but I would love to find something holistic that works and I haven’t given up on that yet.

Kelly Reed Janet Chacurian Padgett if you find something that’s helps please share! Good luck God bless

Janet Chacurian Padgett Kelly Reed You too!

Jessica Mount They did tell you that you can take a lot more than the bottle says for antihistamines, right? My doctor said I can take up to 4 zyrtec and 2 zantac a day but normally I take 1 off each and just take an extra when things get bad. If the derma something is dermatographic urticaria, that’s the same thing I have (and xolair doesn’t work for it I don’t believe). I have had it severely for 15 years and I would have lost my mind long ago if not for antihistamines.

Kelly Reed Lol yes dermatographic urticaria!!!! It’s so annoying!!!! Yes he told me I could take four zyrtec in a day. I just haven’t had to. Plus when I do take them I get really bad brain fog and once it wares off the hives are extremely extremely bad. I’m literally covered in them from head to toe. Then they’ll calm down after that. I’m really scared of taking the antihistamines. I’m sorry you’re going through this however I’m glad something is working for you!

Jessica Mount I was covered all the time before the antihistamines – and if you take them regularly, they so making you tired. I can tell if I am even an hour late for mine though!

Kelly Reed Oh wow, yes they do work but oh my gosh the side effects are horrible for me. 🙁 that’s why I want to try the natural way for a few months to see if it works or heals on it’s own.

Jessica Mount You can try a low histamine diet and avoiding the common triggers like ibuprofen and such. It helps some people

Kelly Reed Ok, thank you

Kali Funderburk Not a cure, but I’ve gotten some relief from a vitamin/supplement regimen (I take Whole Earth & Sea women’s multivitamin, plus an additional 2,000 IU of D3 from the same brand, Jarrow Formulas quercetin and l-glutamine, 500-2,000 mg of vitamin C, and elderberry syrup or gummies). The elderberry is mainly for general immune support during cold/flu season rather than for the hives specifically.
Hydrosols – the water left over from distilling essential oils – have been helpful for soothing hives. I get mine from Plant Therapy, and I’d particularly recommend rose, helichrysum, and peppermint. I also have found Plant Therapy’s Let It Go essential oil blend useful – I mix it with unscented Aveeno lotion or a carrier oil (I usually use around a 3% dilution, so 3 drops EO per teaspoon of lotion or carrier).
I’ve also started seeing a chiropractor regularly and going to work out a few times a week.

Kelly Reed Thank sooooooooo much Kali! I’m seeing Vitamin D has been helpful to others too.

Kathy Schmitt There is no cure but you can search the page for natural and every discussion on the topic will come up

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