is this hives ? Does anyone else get a rash like this?

2 months ago my daughter developed this rash on her face. We saw multiple drs (pediatric dermatology, allergist, etc). The rash (with a swirling pattern) has also been on my daughters neck and arm. Main dr we are seeing says chronic hives and she has been on prescription antihistamine for the past 6 weeks. She was rash free for one week until tonight and now it’s back in the original spot.


DESTINY LAYTON I definitely not a Dr. or an expert on hives, but I know my hives don’t look like that. Best of luck to you.

MARGARET BARLOW I get hives, and my biopsy says they leave behind an eczema-psoriasis-like rash.


JASMINE BAVARO Doesn’t look like hives probably just a little rash check with the doctor or another one I would say try ecurine or cetaphil

MARGARET BARLOW My hives don’t look typical either, and I wasn’t convinced that’s what I had. But both an allergist and dermatologist said that’s what they were, and the chronic hives treatment regimen is helping a lot. A good allergist should be able to help you.

DEBRA ANSTIS Sometimes a tick bite can cause a similar pattern

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