It is back to Hives Hell for me

After a 24-hour bliss, it’s back to Hives Hell for me. Mind you that’s just my arm. I can’t show the rest as they are all over my body, face and head. Histamine is so overflowing that even both ears are fire-red inflamed because of eyeglasses in contact with my skin. What’s the trigger? Beats me. Story of my life.


Janice McClurg Awful.. Reading this as I sit in the hospital waiting for my Xolair. Hope your day vastly improves.

Melody Matthews Sending hugs and prayers that tomorrow it will be better.

Debra Branan Shiflet I woke up to hives like this today, BUT not this bad. I detest every morning spending a huge chunk of my day to “calm” my hives down. Hoping yours settles down quickly today. It’s hard, at least for me, to focus on the day with bad flare up

Rhonda Heath-Cowan Riker have you tracked what could of cause this? food, stress?

Barbara Milam-Jividen So so sorry, no answers.

Ana Garcia Oh no! That is horrible

Lisa Glass Horrible. I feel your pain. Mine has just went away yesterday after another 10 day stint .

Cochinillo Dulce Thanks everyone for your well wishes. They mean a lot to me. It makes me go on knowing there are others in the same boat as me and still striving to know the cause of this great mystery. Still being optimistic.
That photo was taken this morning. My night. I work nights. I just got up now. My morning.
Anyway, after I took the photo this morning, I just crawled to bed. Too tired, too stressed out.
Mid-afternoon around 2pm, the hives woke me up. They didn’t go away as much as I wanted them to. So as a last resort (and it’s always a last resort), I took the forbidden — ZYRTEC — and went back to sleep.
Woke up without hives, very minimal stress. But still tired. One last night of work. And tomorrow, I will have to assess what went wrong.


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