It is been 3 months since I started having red marks, welts hives

It’s been 3 months since I started having red marks, bumps, welts. Often times I can’t control when my skin itch from head to toe. Even after taking a shower, my skin itch. Only when I took Cetirizine and use Hydrocortisone did the itchyness gone. A month ago I took the allergen-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) blood test, it only lists my allergy triggers. But my PCP did not prescribe any medication after that. And out of nowhere just like today I had this marks. It’s not itchy but I’m wondering why I had this marks. I just don’t understand my skin right now.


Marlana White Skin dermagraphism. My 7 year boy old has it too. He’s had it for 3 years. Zyrtec helps keep it under control as well as cool wash rags when he has an area flared up.

Trish Knight Your reaction to water could mean that you have Aquagenic Urticaria. It is a type of urticaria that acts up in response to a physical stimulus. Try soaking in a powdered oatmeal bath. This group has information listed under the ‘files’ section. Maybe you can bring that information in for your doctor to read. All the best to you!

Cherry-Lorvic Sebastian Thank you for your responses. I’ll surely check the files section.

Rita Kennedy Zienty Where is the files section?

Jo Richardson I get this

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