It is minor itching every night only on my legs

Another night another rash. Only minor itching and no heat and it’s only on my legs.
I took my meds very late in the day because I didn’t realize I forgot to take them until I had a rash from tidying up my desk at work (I’m without a car right now so my morning routine is messed up and I am very scatterbrained) I think I might try separating my meds out to smaller doses through the day instead of all in the morning to see if it helps the itching of evening rashes.


Jennifer Martin Fulton Good idea! Feel better

Sue Elshire Hargrave Do try spreading the anti’s out through the day…and you may need more antihistamines! Chat with the doc. I can never have enough antihistamines!

Jennifer Schreck I go back to the doctor next month.

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