It seems like hives are only getting worse.

I got diagnosed with CIU last month and it seems like hives are only getting worse. Luckily the angio edema hasn’t happened since the pic on the left. My allergist suggested I take 4 zyrtec a day. I still have hives all over my body. So unbearable some days. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good cream to put on them?? I’ve thought about trying coconut oil but haven’t yet.


Kary Borden Pierson I never had any luck at all with creams or anything topical. Allegra and Zantac worked the best for me of all the combinations though everyone’s system reacts differently. Adding an H2 blocker (like Zantac) usually makes a difference. Also taking probiotics and eating low histamine foods have mine almost completely under control. Just talk to your doctor before trying different medications.

Marlena DeMeo Leung This may sound crazy but a friend also a sufferer recommended Icy Hot it calms the hives down my doctor also said the menthol helps. It helps a bit.

Joyce Rosenblatt Helps with the itching

Ashley Stanley I take zantac once a day but I might start taking it twice to see if it helps . Does anyone have any input on being pregnant with CIU???

Pamela Coffey My Dr gives me prescription Lidocaine/Prilocaine cream 2.5%/2.5%. It numbs them when there really bad. Its not a body lotion, you apply it directly on the spots.

Suzie Friedman The original Sarna cream completely stops the itching for me. It is a life saver. Has menthol in it which cools everything down. You can purchase it at Target, Walmart, Walgreen’s, etc.

Ainsley McMillan Been through the same last year but eventually after around 4 months n loads of different meds they disappeared on their own.Dont give up hope! x

Ashley Stanley Thank you. That truly gives me hope!!!!!

Ainsley McMillan Touch wood i have never had another episode since.Kinda gave up on all the meds n they cleared up .Keep ur chin up hun

Ann Morgan i know it sounds mad but a paramedic told me about it and never use creams only this i spray it onto my skin it cools the skin , stops the itch and lasts and is easy to apply , if you do try it do it on a small area for the 1st hour as we are all different and what works for me may not work for someone else

Margie Williams-Divinity So sorry. Hope you can beat this and not be a long term suffer. If the latter read upon our previous comments. You will need to load up on antihistamines, Zantac or Pepcid , hydroxyzine, etc. but look for allergist experienced with patients like us.

Emily Gonsalves Have you tried adding ranitidine? 300mg per day. Sometimes it’s enough to make a bigger difference.
There are creams you can get. Aveeno makes a minty one I like. And there’s a prescription one I’ve gotten before but I’d have to check the name. Oatmeal baths or Epsom salt baths in warm water can help too.

Ashley Stanley Thank you ALL so much for making me feel a little bit normal in this nightmare I’m living in. Thank you

Anna Picciani Yes adding ranitidine (Zantac) together with the Zyrtec should give your relief.

Ashley Stanley I’ve been taking 75 mg of zantac w/ the zyrtec but I’m gonna try going with more to see if that helps. Surely can’t hurt

Anna Picciani Ashley Stanley just keep trying different doses. What works for some doesn’t work for others. I always have steroids on hand when I need some relief. I’ve been battling urticaria for 30 years. Currently under control with Zyrtec. It’s a constant battle. Hope yours just disappears

Betania Tilhe Have you tried Singulair along with antihistaminics? This is what saved me. I was on 4 Allegra per day and no results. When I started Singulair, it was like magic for me. Now I take 1 Singulair and 1 Allegra per day. Hives under controll, they don’t apper anymore.

Faye Provan I’ve found through trial and error that Sudocream, a nappy rash cream, really helps to cool them down. Keep an old tea shirt for when you fist put it on until it dried. It washes out OK too.

Barbara Garrett Blair My daughter (who also has a traumatic Brain injury) cannot tell me how it feels, but In saw someone had suggested putting vinegar with the mother-Bragg’s is a good one- and it makes the hives get smaller when I dab it on the hives.

Jennifer Christensen Benedryl helps the actual hives but not the edema. I have horrible edema and it drives me crazy. Right now my chin is massive with one giant swollen hive on it. I’m so sorry you had to experience this!

Chantal Montanez Edema is the worst. For hives I’ll use hydrocortisone cream (I double up on everything darn it) but I don’t know if that’s the safest option. I also use Aveeno and the Aveeno oatmeal bath stuff helps so much. Unfortunately none of those helps with edema.
Hope that all clears up soon and that you can find the right cocktail for your brand of this.

Mina Barr I’ve had no luck with cream, but if they started you with Zyrtec and it isn’t effective you need to go back and try the next thing. If it is going to be effective, it will be effective within 48 hours, so there is no need to suffer for 6 months before going in for the next prescription. Treatment for CIU is 100% trial and error, and once they’ve tried EVERYTHING, they can/will then submit a request for Xolair injections to your insurance provider, and hopefully you’ll get approved. There are TONS of meds, dosages, and combinations that work for various patients, and you can’t give up. Keep seeing that allergist until together you find the one that works. It might be mid-2018, but look at it this way if you DON’T go back and try new things, you’ll be suffering for that long ANYway, right?

Margaret Crider Hi Ashely, so sorry you’re going through this. If I may, you might actually try switching up your antihistamines to see if you have a better response to something else. Zyrtec didn’t work for me, I think I was allergic to something in it because I broke out shortly after taking it. I’ve had good luck with Xyzal, it used to only be avail by rx but is now OTC and you can find it at Costco for around $30 for two bottles. You might get a single bottle first before going all in though. Also, levocetirizine (spelling may be off) has been shown to be very effective for many patients and should be available at a reasonable price. Your allergist is correct in that you can take any of these 2nd generation OTC antihistamines 4 times per day if your flares are exceptionally bad. I take it you aren’t on any other meds? Have you tried anything else to control the hives i.e. supplements and had any success? As for creams, I use caladryl clear but any cream with an analgesic will help. You might find cool showers relieving. Let me know if you have specific questions, I’d be happy to help.

Jenilee Roman I have been there. 4 Zyrtec wasn’t enough for me. If you need them to feel a little better in some smaller areas Aveenos anti itch lotion helps me. It’s medicated and comes in a smaller bottle in the medicated section not regular lotion section. Sadly nothing else relieved my hives until I started xolair.

Deanna Stewart That’s the way mine was when I was around your age. But then it stopped for years! Now it’s back and I’m 52.

David Buhl your allergist needs to step up. or go to another one. you should be taking the antihistamine, plus zantac, probably singular too and for lotion get the itch relief made by gold bond, it comes in a gold colored bottle, you need to get it in the first aid section of the drug store.

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