It seems that my hives do not appreciate alcohol

It seems that my hives do not appreciate alcohol. If I have wine or vodka I suffer terribly for the next 4 days. Hives all over, on scalp too, lips and eyes swollen etc.

Since the alcohol makes them way worse I don’t think alcohol is worth the pain afterward.

But the thought of going through the rest of my life with no alcohol makes me sad. Anyone else have this issue?


Lynn Lucas Gould Most alcohol is very high in histamine, and a trigger for hives. As is chocolate, and a whole lot of other things. Check out low histamine diets, and you will find a list of things there to stay away from.

Natasha Nicole I have a reaction to wine, vodka (sometimes) and some beers. For me its the sulfites.

Samantha Fahy Me too. Sulfites kill me. Clear alcohol with soda (no sugar) best way to drink

Ruby Cronin I drink vodka water and a splash of lime. And still have a horrible reaction.

Jennifer Serrano Lyle Alcohol affects the liver and alot of folks get hives due to a leaky gut. I had hives for 3.5 years and when I healed my liver they dissapeared. I would strongly advise against anything that puts stress on your liver.

Samantha Fahy How did u heal u liver?

Jennifer Serrano Lyle Plant based diet. No sugar or gluten. Great probotic, milk thistle, quality supps, CBD oil and Diamecteous Earth. Lots of info online if you plug in how to help a leaky gut. It works!!!

Samantha Fahy Jennifer Serrano Lyle i do most of that but CBD oil as that scares me. Can I ask where u got yours

Paula Rigley Definitely to do with liver,kidneys and toxins and how the body try’s to manage it all.

Linda Frigo McDaris I’ve noticed if I have a flare up and drink alcohol it does make my hives worse. If I don’t have a flare up I can have one or two drinks without any problems.

Carol Zammit yes .red wine and whiskey trigger a flare up it seems like I would have to live without them 🙁 not worth the pain!

Moon de Heer In my case i couldn’t tolerate alcohol due to my previous medication somehow just 2 sips felt like drinken 5 glasses very fast after one an other , during the holidays i have had some alcohol for the fist time in 8 years with the other antihistamines i’m on now

Jessica Rodgers Yes, I have noticed this too. I am absolutely miserable for at least 2 days after drinking.

Ruby Cronin It stay with me for 3-4 days 😞 I swear off alcohol during it. But then a couple of weeks later I want to have a drink at dinner and can’t.

Tina Alves Yes , it happens to me too. Alcohol is high in histamines, but that doesn’t mean I will be without it the rest of my life, I just do it in moderation and make sure not to have foods high in histamines the same week. Vodka is one of the worst, gin not so bad.

John Bown I’m a winemaker, so tasting it is unavoidable. I’m trying not to drink red wine, but beer & gin don’t seem to be bad.

Jesse Beebe Beer is the only sure thing to make my hives go away that is weird

Ruby Cronin That is strange, I am not a beer drinker myself. If I do drink beer I drink Dos Equis only.

Bella Broderick Smoke weed instead then

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