I’ve been dealing with these hives and swelling everyday for about 2 months.

Hey everyone I’m a newbie to the group. I was thankful to find a place where I could find info about this condition. it’s so frustrating and irritating and painful at times I’m sure u all can relate. I’ve been dealing with these hives and swelling everyday for about 2 months now every day getting progressively worse. The hives have over powered the Benadryl I’ve been taking daily. . thank God I have my 1st appointment in the morning. Hopefully some relief will come keep me in prayer and best of luck to u all


TERESA CASE KING Keep us posted Ke Diane. Hate those things.

MONA PEARSON I sure will… and so do I… they control so much of my life … Im just tired

TERESA CASE KING I so know what you are talking about. Have you ever went to the ER? I’ve had to when benedryl failed me I did get relief. Maybe for a little while next day they’d be back. It was a nice break tho.

MONA PEARSON Yeah I went to the ER once. I had an episode were it felt like my throat was closing up… they gave me some stronger Benadryl through the IV and prescribed me some epi pens. Thankfully I haven’t had to use them. The iv meds calmed the hives for a day or so and they were right back

TERESA CASE KING I had those epi pens, for me they work. Felt flush and rapid heart beat. Didn’t last to long. I hope you get to feeling better. Talk to you tomorrow after doctor!

ANNA SAM RIVERA Benadryl never worked for my hives. Maybe try Zyrtec daily

MONA PEARSON That’s what they gave me… hope it works

LISA MANARY Good luck at your appointment! I don’t find Benadryl very helpful. I usually take Cetirizine (Reactine)

MONA PEARSON Thanks… I feel like I’m finally getting some where

ROSE HECK BEISSEL When I first saw an allergist, he put me on Zyrtec and Pepsid (famotidine) once in morning and once at night. That did the trick for me but it lasted 2 years and they came back. Then I was put in xyzal and ranitidine, again once in morning and once once in evening. Thats still working for now

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